More Fertile After A Miscarriage?

Hi Ladies

I'm currently losing my 1st pregnancy :\( - I was only 5 weeks and so it was very early, but unsettling all the same. I want to jump straight back on the ttc conceive wagon and the midwife that I saw at the Early Pregnancy Unit said that often people are very fertile after a miscarriage.

I wondered how long it took you ladies to fall pregnant again after miscarriage? I'm really not pinning my hopes on getting pregnant so soon, as I know it could take a while, but would be interested to hear how it was for you?

Thanks! x


  • hi sorry for your loss. I think it's all a personal choice. Are you having a natural mc or have u had a d&c?
    I lost my first in april and had a d&c, then 4 weeks later i was pregnant again but lost that too a couple of weeks ago. It was due to the lining being too thin after the d&c. Some people on this site have got pregnant before their next period (such as jencantdecide) and they are fine, some like me havent been so lucky.
    See how you feel and good luck.x
  • hello poppet,

    so sorry to hear about your mc image
    I had an early mc like yourself earlier this year, I initially caught on month 3 off ttc so very quick, sadly wasn't meant to be.

    I am currently 11+5, having had 2 periods after my mc before getting my BFP. At the time it felt like forever but looking back I know that I am very lucky.

    Thinking of you hun,
    MrsH xxx
  • Hi - thanks for your response and I'm sorry that you've had to go through it twice yourself.

    I'm having a natural miscarriage - I had an internal scan yesterday and it was confirmed as a 'complete miscarriage' and so no interventions required, thankfully.

    Emotionally I feel ok and so would love to fall pregnant again really quickly, but I think I would then naturally be concerned about the same thing happening all over again. x
  • Hi Mrs H - thank you and that sounds like a really positive outcome :\) Congrats on your current pregnancy!

    It's really reassuring to hear that people have caught again so quickly!
  • Thank you hun, I can tell you at the time it didn't feel quick but now I look back and a couple of months is quick.
    Keep positive hun, I also had a natural mc, with no medical intervention needed thank goodness.
    Will be looking out for you BFP announcement soon I am sure image
    Lots of Love, MrsH xxx
  • Thank you and here's hoping I get that BFP soon! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy, though it must be lovely almost being at the 12 week milestone! x
  • Thank you!
    Yes 12 weeks on Monday, don't think I will ever totally relax though which I am sure it normal.
    Wishing away days now until our 12 week scan so we can see our bubba again.
    Take care hun, xxx
  • Hi
    Sorry to hear what youre going through, I had a MC in October last year at 11 weeks. I had a D&C and found out I was pregnant again 5 weeks later, with no AF in between.
    I am now over 33 weeks, and this pregnancy has been completely different, nothing to worry about really so I have been very lucky.
    Take care and congrats to the pregnant ladies, I found from 20 weeks onwads it has totally flown in! xxx
  • Really sorry to hear about your mc hun image
    I had one at 5 weeks too over new year. I fell pregnant on my 3rd cycle after it happened. We didn't try the first month. I wanted to wait until I'd had one 'proper' period b4 we tried again. Then we tried the nxt month, nothing happened. Then I fell on the 3rd month when we weren't really trying that month, lol!!!
    I'm now 14+4 and due in December. Wishing you all the best with ttc whenever you decided you are ready again hun, and throwing lots of sticky babydust your way x x x x
  • Hiya hun, I had a natural MC which started on the 19th march and lost baby on the 21st of March I am currently pregnant again 10 weeks now I got Pregnant 13 days after I misscarried. Everything is going well at the moment and not long left till I get to the magic 12-13 weeks.

    Lots of luck hun and do what is best for you. I still think about the baby I lost, but so happy that I got pregnant straight away.

  • Hiya Poppingpoppet, thanks so much for posting this as Im sat here wondering same question. it seems that a lot of women get pregnant really quickly. We lost baby 13 days ago it will be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had a full miscarriage aided slightly by the midwife who removed what was left but it was very little. baby was only 23.4mm in size.
    we have started trying for a baby already and have had 3 successful attempts with no bleeding.
    I am praying that I get a BFP. I have decided to wait until another 4-5 weeks before I test myself as this will give me opportunity to get pregnant or AF to arrive.
    I know it might not happen this quickly but im due to ovulate this weekend or during the week according to midwife.
    fingers crossed for us all and lots of baby dust all around.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies - it's really encouraging and reassuring to hear your experiences and although I know it may take a while, I'm really hoping I'm able to fall pregnant fairly quickly. I hope all your pregnancies go really well for you all.

    hoping2tryagain - I'm really sorry to hear what's happened to you. Hopefully you won't have to wait too long for another BFP! I'm wondering will I ovulate normally this cycle or will it take a while for things to settle down again. I'll definitely keep my fingers and toes crossed for us both! xx
  • HI ladies,

    I'm sorry that you've both had to go thrw this hell.

    I've had 2 mc whihc passed on their own, both just ater 6wks. After the 1st mc, I wited for an AF before TTC again - I just wasn't emotionally ready to get pg again so waited. After the 1st AF I then got by BFP. Sadly, that wasn't sticky either, but that time I didn't have an AF before my BFP and I'm now 14 weeks.

    I think everyone is differrent and the most important thing is to obly TTC when you're ready to do so. After my 1st mc I thought I was ready but wouldn't let hubby near me - so I obviously wasn't.

    Good luck sweetie

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