Does anyone use their carrycot as the moses basket?

Hi ladies,

My fiance and I live in a pretty small 1 bed house, with a little boxroom attached to the bedroom. Our bedroom is tiny, so the wardrobe and drawers are in the boxroom.

For Bubs arrival, we have orded the Sola, with a carrycot that you can use for everyday overnight sleeping. I just wondered if anyone else does the same thing? I have read loads about everyone getting their nursery ready - and we simply don't have the space!!! If you use your carrycot, do you have a stand for it?

I just want to feel a bit better about using the carrycot I suppose! When Bubs is a bit bigger, we will move him/her into a cot, which will go into the boxroom.

Thanks ladies

Rucky 26 & 6

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  • Like sugarpuff I used the carrycot on the wheels downstairs and a friend gave us there crib which we had upstairs but there is no reason why you couldn't use the wheels there as well
  • I use the carry cot from our icandy cherry, I got a new mattress for it as the one it came with wasnt suitable for sleeping in and I bought a mosses basket stand which we use in the living room but its not necessary, I just prefer it as it is lower down than the pushchair so I can still see lo when sat on the sofa otherwise id be up and down like a yo yo LOL
  • I used my dreami for both night and day time sleep as LO wouldnt sleep in anything else. I think as long as it has a proper mattress, its fine

    Joanna x
  • I used my carrycot for my first 2 boys. I used it downstairs on the chassis for day time and just carried it upstairs for night. I just sat it on the floor next to my bed. It was quite good coz the base shape meant it rocked. Worked well for me for the few weeks i used it.

    Got a moses basket this time but just borrowed one and bought a new mattress, but more coz i use my pram a lot downstairs and ive got 2 other pre-school kids to run after so i didnt need to worry about it being in the wrong place.

    Gemm x
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