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where to start...?

hi all .. so my dd will be 3 in october and its dawned on me that she will be in preschool very soon image my little girl is growing up so fast i cant believe it and i dont want her to go!! lol

anyway.. i was just after some advice about where to start with getting her registered etc and what about primary schools..? do i need to get those picked now too?? to get her on a list?? how do you decide which one is best? im in a completely different area to where i grew up so dont really know anything... and obvously i want the best that is avaliable for her.. so getting organised is probably key.. is it a case of calling the schools individually?? i really dont know where to start!! lol

also when is she eligible for the 3hours everyday funding ..?? is it from 3 or is it from the april after she is 3? iv heard conflicting things so not too sure image

any help/advice would be really appreciated



  • Hi Spuddy
    visit as many pre-schools in your area as you can - meet the staff and get a feel for the pre-school and get her name down asap as many can have a waiting list!
    My son wants a monday space and can't get one til january next year I put his name down last month and he has had the last space!!!
    She will get her funding from the term AFTER she is 3 so if your daughter is 3 in April after the easter holiday she will get funding from september, if she is 3 in december she will get funding from the january term. best to check the precise cut off dates if her birthday falls during the holiday.

    As for school all LEA's vary I think on how they deal with admissions. In my area you can only apply using an official form you are sent by the county council and you have a first and second choice. Hence all people apply at the same time and all applicants are dealt with equally. over subscription is not usually a problem in our area and there are no 'bad' schools so parents normally get their first choice.
    Might be best to know in your mind where your daughter would like to go to school - it might alter your choice of pre-school if it is attached to a specific primary. In our area the schools are always open to have people look round and you can get a feel for the ethos of the school.
    Best of luck, Jules

    ps we decided not to send our son to the 'best' school which is small and posh and academically quite good. we sent him to the local primary and it is excelent - they don't push the children they just encourage their individuality and their growth into superb confident little human beings and the rest has come with it -i'm astounded at the results my son is getting and he has a big group of friends that all live locally to us - something that would have not happened if we sent him to the village school a few miles from us.
    what is the best for our children can be really hard to suss out from league tables etc. sometimes a school can have a reputation as being 'good' when in fact its just good PR!
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