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and the award for worlds worst parent goes to ....... me

just going up to bed for my sleep

i hear these horrible ccries turning into screams, i thought roberts prob taken his nappy off again and done a wee or something so i go downstairs to get wipes and a nappy

then go in his room to find he trapped his big toe on his right food under the base of his cot took me ages to get it out it was caught so strong

he keeps taking everything out the cot, mattress included! so must have jumped on the base and got his toe caught under the bars

he wont let me put him down from cuddles, and certainly wont let me touch his toe

theres no blood or anything


  • OMG hun,hope his ok,are you ok,that must have been a sight and shock.

    Just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse then get it checked out.

    Do hope your both ok,

  • Claire, it's not your fault. They do these things. Jack would never listen to me if I said stop that or you'll get hurt, he had to find out for himself.

    Charlotte keeps shutting herself in her wardraobe, she thinks it's funny, she won't when she traps her fingers but I bet she doesn't go in there again afterwards!

    Sometimes they have to learn the hard way.
  • oh claire, hope you are both ok hun? Dont' be too hard on yourself its these boys I think? They are just out for adventure. Just a thought though have you considered moving him to a bed? Hope you are both ok xxxx
  • Awww poor Robert - as the girls have said its not your fault and you were'nt to know that he would do that.

    I'm sure he won't do it again though x
  • thanks ladies

    im not beating myself up anymore

    he is gogn into a bed on saturday cause of the throwing out thing,
    the mattress is here already just waiting for the bed!

    im so nervous about it!
  • Hi Claire, has he got a full sized or a junior bed? Tate loved his when he got it. We did have a little problem in keeping him in it and his room once he discovered he could escape. But he was soon fine. We did it once Luka was born as we needed the cot. So best to do it the way you are xx
  • I hope Robert is ok, and good luck for saturday i bet he will love being in a proper bed. You have it well organized because he should be settled in his bed ready for when the baby arrives. x
  • i think its a junior sized bed

    mart dealt with it all tbh i just gave him some choices to look at

    the cot is going to be in our room storage for the baby stuff for now i only hope he doesnt try and climb in lol!

    he already has a stair gate on his room door so he cant escape and if he does manages thers one at the top of the stairs anyway so shud be fun fun fun !
  • Im sure you he will be fine and you have a few months before the baby comes. We litterally had to shut tate in a few nights but then he got the hint and is now good as gold at bed and nap times. The bed looks the same as Tates im sure he will be a good boy and love his 'big bed' xx
  • How is Robert now Claire? Poor thing, but I do agree that they learn the hard way and believe me, boys are into everything so much more than girls that there is no way that you could stop them from coming to some sort of harm!!

    Hope all goes well on Saturday, William was so excited when he got his first bed, especially about his duvet cover!!

  • his toe is a little sore still but his walking on it now

    he hasnt jumped up and down it yet as far as im aware

    the bed comes on saturday morning, the mattress is already here

    im stil unsure of what kind of duvet to get him, a single? or a toddler sized one, he has a cot duvet but willl be too small for the bed,

    also im struggling to think of a cover , cars? thomas or in the night garden!
    i know eventually i'll get him one of each, but what do i start off with haha !
  • You can get a junior bed size one. I think I got mine from littlewoods and just some plain blue and gingham bedlinen. But i've seen a Thomas bedset now which comes in junior size he would love!!
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