10 DPO advice please

Hello everyone, just after a bit of advice please?

I'm 10DPO and woke up this morning and had (sorry TMI alert) a small amount of red/brown CM on my knickers but nothing when wiped. Is this AF or spotting? Arghhhhhh, really thought we might have done it. Did a pregnancy test stright after as couldn't resist and got a BFN:cry:

Thanks for any advice you can give


  • Hi hun, it could be implantation as it's only spotting and it's quite early. If it is implantation you may have to wait a couple days before getting a bfp.

    Good luck
  • Ive been getting that on and off for almost a week now and the occassional red stuff. I'm 11dpo and hoped it was implanatation but its been on and off for so long that I reckon its my AF now heading my direction as its been more on that off today.

    I hope yours is implantation though hunny ! Its so confusing isnt it, I dunno why my af spotting would start a week early but I'm now certain thats what it must be.
  • Hiya, thanks for your replies. It's been crazy at work today so only just managed to get o computer and check replies.

    Lambchop, I've been kinda following your posts as i am only a day behind. I sooooo hope it is implantation for us both but unfortunately, like you, i'm beginning to think it's AF. it got a bit heavier today and needed a liner but then when wiped later on there was nothing! It's sooo confusing isn't it. When do you think you'll test next?
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