Im new but an oldie too

nice to *meet* you!

hopefully you get to move onto Due In pretty soon!
x x x


  • Hi ladies,

    Im fiona, Im 23, I have 2 daughters, Our eldest is 4 1/2 years and youngest is 10months.
    We were trying for a year before I fell pregnant with our youngest, I was on here everyday! lol
    I dont expect to fall straight away.
    I have just stopped the pill and we are trying for no.3, so excited, Really didnt think I would be doing this again.
    Can someone remind me when cycle day 1 starts? image
    Hope to get to know you all

  • Hello fiona86, i think i remember you from ttc first time round!! My son is 8 months now and we are ttc#2 now, when AF shows up anyway!!
    CD1 is the first day of your AF, ov around cd14 depending on length of cycle.
    Good luck Sx
  • hiya and welcome good luck ttc, im on here everyday too lol. be addict! hehe. xxxxx
  • Home fairy - thankyou thats nice of you to say, how long have you been ttc?

    Slow - i think I remember you too, im due on friday so Ill keep track, good luck to you too

    mrs *me* - yeah i was definatly an addict, i may be again soon by the end of my next cycle so watch out lol

  • Hiya,
    well, we've been properly trying since Jan (not that i have AF every month though) and having UPSI for about two years...grrrrr, im 25-so age should be on my side!!! BUT ive actually calmed down a bit recently as we may be moving house!!!
  • I hope you get your bfp soon image Whats UPSI?

  • I remember you Fiona, did you used to have a dummy on your avatar?

    We've been trying for number 2 for 7 months.

    I hope it happens quickly for you this time x
  • Hey Fiona i remember you, how are your girls? xx
  • Hello, I remember you too! We're on month 2 ttc no.2, our son is nearly 17 months now. Nice to see some 'oldies' on here image
  • Hi fiona,

    I remember you too, you were ttc your second when i was ttc my first. My dd is now 15 months old (nearly) and i got my bfp for number 2 yesterday.

    Good luck, glad to see some of the originals back here !!

  • goonie - yes I did! lol actually Im thinking of putting it back, It was removed somehow!

    woomummy - hiya! remember you too! You ttc again? How many children have you got?
    They are great thankyou.

    emmsy4 - hope you get ur bfp soon!

    lambchop - how funny! Congratulations!!

  • Hi Fiona, I'm now on ltttc but there's so many familiar faces on here now that I think I may come back.
    Hope it doesn't take you long to get your bfp this time!
  • i think i remember you now too chick now the dummp is back :lol:

    all the best for ttc no2 xxx
  • HELEN COME BACK image x
  • Hi Helen I remember you from ttc Ella, how long have you been ttc now?

    Thankyou grudie

  • Hi Fiona, I've just had attempt number 25 and have missed a few cycles so its been 2 1/2 years. I am hoping to have treatment with donated embryos in the fairly near future. I think perhaps my eggs are just old and knackered, I'm 41, but I'm not ready to give up my dream of a sibling for Grace.
    Good luck with ttc.
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