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FAO **Cath**

Read in another thread about you having to get Adam weighed at A&E - just wanted to check that all is ok???


  • Ahh, thank you!

    Yes, he is fine now. He had really bad sickness and diarrhea, so was getting dehydrated. He refuses to take water out of a bottle, so we took him in to hospital and force fed him (awful!!) using a syringe.

    It's the second time he's been ill in the past six weeks, so his weight has dropped quite a bit. He's now on the 50th centile - dropped from the 91st.

    He seems fine now though and will be putting on wieght if yesterday was anything to go by - he had 44oz milk!!



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  • Ahhhh poor little thing. Glad he's doing better now - 44 oz! Looks like he's making up for what he's lost.
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