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Is your baby sick after feeds?

Just wondering if it's normal for babies to be sick after feeds? Not every feed?



  • There is a thing called possetting, where they bring back a small amount of milk. It doesn't harm or distress them. If it's a lot, and lo is upset, cries or arches their back, it would probably be reflux. HTH. xx
  • if its not a lot then yes, we had a greedy baby that would take a bit more than he needed and sick a bit back x
  • my lo has always been sicky, and has NEVER known when he is full and would drink and drink and drink, when he was 10 weeks he would easily take 13oz of EBM in one go! he would be sick after every feed and often projectile a huge amount of the feed if not the whole feed! as long as your lo is gaining weight and is happy i wouldnt worry.

    ashy xx
  • My lo is very sick after a lot of his feeds - I have always been told that as long as he is gaining weight well it is not a problem. The main thing to look out for is if the sick is bothering the baby... my baby will be smiling as he is sick and my HV says this means it is not reflux - I did try him on infant gaviscon (prescribed by doctor) but it made no difference. If it does seem to upset your baby it could be reflux - have a word with the HV.

    It is apparently something that they grow out of but I know it can be horrible to deal with, especially when you feel like you are mopping up sick all day long.

    The important thing is to keep an eye on the weight gain, and look for other indications that your baby is getting enough, such as plenty of wet nappies etc.
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