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So so so broody

I didnt realise just how badly I wanted another baby until today. I was at the bank and one of the girls there was at ante natal classes with my and now she is pregnant again. I am of course thrilled for her but when I got back to my car I just wanted to cry.
And now I feel bad cos I feel so blessed to have Holly and I know how lucky I am and I love her more than anything, I just really want another.
If it hadnt been for that stupid abnormal smear result we would have been trying already if not pregnant again.

Rant over
Lisa xxx


  • Oh dear poor you!!! I'm sooo broody too (you might have got that from my I'm so jealous) posts on people's Pregnany Again threads!) but really not in the position for number 2 yet- H2B would never agree!

    Don't feel bad about Holly- she knows you love her. No one can explain this need that some women have to be PG (and it is a real need) but you can't do anything about it if it happens

    How is your smear thing doing- is it sorted? How long did it take you to fall last time?

  • thanks Kimmy, im waiting for biopsy results. Should be getting them within the next 2 weeks. Hopefully they will come back all clear.
    I got pregnant with Holly my 4th month off the pill (but only 3rd properly ttc as one of the months I had a 3 week long af). Im hoping it will be as quick next time, especially since I never went back on the pill. But it might not be, I was reading a post from Grudie earlier, shes still over in ttc for her second, my heart really goes out to her as she was there when we were all there and now some of us are pregnant/trying again. I think thats why I felt bad, not so much for Hollys sake, she gets all my attention and wants for nothing. I feel bad cos im so lucky yet I still want more if you know what I mean!
    Hows the college thing progressing? Have you applied?
  • No I haven't applied yet. Because the recent study needs to be within 3 years of beginning the degree course I am probably putting it off for a year to be on the safe side (don't want to waste it!). I have been thinking about how we definitely need a new house before number 2, and I will have to be at work to be able to get the mortgage, so things are having to be put on hold until we are in the position to move xx
  • Ah Lisa, I know how you feel. I made the difficult decision to have the implant fitted for the next 3 yrs. Can't afford to leave work til then so it had to be done. I've found it hard to handle though and had to stay away from the ttc and pg forums until I've come to terms with it. I keep welling up when I think of babies or hearing that friends are pg.

    Sounds v dramatic and feel guilty already having 2 but I know in my heart of hearts that once 3 yrs comes, I'll not have another one. I've already got one 13 and Jack 10 months so wanted a close age gap for the next. In 3 yrs I'll have my independence back again and doubt I'll feel the same.

    Good luck with the smear test and I'm sure you'll be back in the saddle (excuse the pun) I'm no time with a shiny bfp! image

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