Baby Names xx

Hi Ladies

Sorry for all the posts, just so excited and got all these things buzzing around my head lol

Has anyone thought of any baby names yet?

Ones I have chosen for my short list

Girl: (middle name has to be Rose for my lovely nan who sadly passed away)
Paige Rose
Devon Rose
Esme Rose

Deacon Riley

I have been on site called baby name genie (if you google it, it will come up) and its brilliant gives you suggestions for middle names aswell as first names image

Lou xx



  • Hi huni i think about baby names all the time! But i already have 5 boys all with middle names so i have no boys names what so ever .I do love bailey though and wanted to have it with my ds2 but it doesnt sound right with my surname image
    As for girls i love
    The list could go on and on......image
    But the odds on me ever having a girl are highly unlikelyimage
  • Oh god Isla there is another one for the list lol I love that image

    I seem to have more girls names than boys names though lol xxx
  • I'll be using Rose as a middle name as well and for the same reason. I like Olivia, Evie, Ella and Lexi. Not sure about boys names though!! x
  • Lexi is very pretty. Yeah boys names I am having difficulty with image xx
  • awwww hoping2beamummy, i like esme rose, thats so sweet, we have no names yet really, just focusing on bfp first lol, probs wont start talking names til 20 week scan... thats the plan anyways lol, doubt that will actually happen! haha
  • OH likes Mia also but a member of his family has a staffordshire bull terrier called that so I think that is a no no lol.

    Wish I had your control mrs*me* I am useless lol oxox
  • Aww beautiful names!

    We've got a Ruby Louise already but I LOVE...

    Ava Violet
    Lily Isabelle


    All 'J'! xx
  • haha i am too, it hubby thats keeping my feet on the ground telling me not to get too excited no names til this date, and no letting people no til this date... blah blah blah. lmao. secretly i have no self control! hes just very grounded hehe. hahaha and yes cat/dog names, defo no no. lol x
  • Very nice Ruby image xx
  • My OH is the total opposite he txts me during the day saying that he has been looking on baby name websites and what do I think of this lol xxx
  • Hey amy and ruby i like the way you think my ds1 is called joshua jack!! image x
  • joshua jack, awww how sweet image and i swear huibby is like ocd or something bless him, hes very paticular x
  • See mummy.2.5 now that's a great name!! Heehee!! xx
  • Hi Keri-Anne!
    Just been message you on FB!

    I love India and think it goes beautifully with your surname??!
  • India I LOVE IT!!!!!
  • Lovely name choices ladies!

    We already have "Isla Jennifer" so I would prefer a name that wasn't so common like hers - the only problem I have with "Isla" is that NOBODY knows how to say it over here in Canada.. I usually hear IS-la, which is annoying - as if they IS-land... rant over - I need a name people know how to say!!!

    With that in mind we like:
    Kora Ellen
    Lillie Ellen - although a bit too common in these parts...
    Kamryn Ellen - I LOVE it but DH has other ideas about it :evil:
    (Ellen after my late MIL)

    We don't have any boys names in mind but if we did we would prob. call him "Adam" after DH's late father and after my late father who's name is Dutch but we could "englishfy" it a bit ;\)

    GL getting the BFP's so we can use our names!!!! :\)
  • well i have 3 girls already Phoebe georgie, Lacey grace & Nancy alexa so girls names iv no idea, boys names would be a definate - Caleb middle names either Noah, Oscar o phillip (after DH) xx
  • For a girl we like Olivia Jade at the minute, we've stuck on this longer than any others at the minute so it's looking like a strong contender.

    For a boy we were set on Oscar but when i got my BFP back in April we both immediately went off it so now we like Finley Charles (Charles runs in both of our families)!

    I'm sure these will change again though lol!
  • for a girl i have megan helma, helma is after my late mum, a lady i know pulled a face when i said it, i said whyu pulling a face its not ur daughter and its after my mum, it may not sound right but i love it.

    for a boy i have no idea, cant think of a name at all.

    all i need now is my bfp xx
  • Oh I luv thinkin of names...just hope the bfp turns up soon so I can use one of them

    Boys names
    Cameron james (both oh and me love this)
    Oliver james
    Calum james

    Both my grandads are james...hence the middle name.

    Emilie may (millie for short)
    Olivia grace (but v.common atm)
    Lily rose

    Wen we discussed names before I mmc in march..the only name we agreed on was cameron for a god help me when we next have the chat...he hates everything I suggest!

    Some gorgeous names in the list..hope we get lucky getting bfp's so we can use them!
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