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Anyone else on the 2 week wait??

Hi everyone,

I got a positive on the ov stick yesterday (cd15) and have been bding every other day since cd 12 (with a cheeky extra one today just incase :lolimage

Today is cd16 and am now on the 2 week wait (AF due on 5th July)!

Excited, nervous and can't wait to see if we've been lucky this month (after mc in Feb).

Anyone else in the same position?

Good luck everyone and sticky baby dust to all.

Koi x


  • Hi Koi,

    I'm also on 2ww, isn't it funny how time just slows right down during this 2 weeks!! I got a smley on ov stick last weds on cd 14 so (I think) i'm on 6dpo, I can never work out though when I actually ov'd, just know it's after pos ov test.

    I'm going to wait as long as possible to test as it's so disheartening to see a negative. We've decided to book a last minute hol for Aug if it doesn't happen this month, we didn't have a honeymoon and have just sold our house and after the year we've had we deserve it! (But would love a bfp instead!!)

    Good luck and hope time doesn't drag too much xx
  • hey i am too! am about 4/5 dpo but not ss (yet!) and not stressing about it either which is good! good luck to the both of you! xx
  • hi hun, my AF is due exactly same week as yours. My MMC was on 30th May and I ovulated last wednesday, thur, fri and sat or at least I was fertile so in that days I ovulated somewhere.
    am going to test on the 8th July if my AF does not arrive. its a long wait aye..

    I have been having twinges inside my uterus today so am hoping it might be implantation but not sure.

    wishing us all baby dust and sticky beans.

  • I joined today got my smiley face yesterday CD20 no smiley today but had ewcm!!!!!!! This is the first time I have noticed it. We did BD on Monday last night and tonight going for one final lucky one tomorrow. Good luck girls x
  • Oooh good luck ladies - nice to know I'm not the only one drumming my fingers!!
    I'm impatient at the best of times, you're right kwn this time just drags....
    Still, not stressing yet and feel really positive today.
    Keeping fingers crossed for all of us!
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