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heat in his room

we have an issue, my 17 month old is scared witless of the fan, we tried a cooler we had too, same response.
we have the windows open and we live near the airport so when the planes kick of again at 445am they wake him! arggggggggggh! i put him down with just a nappy and vest and left his door open and im sure we disturbed him a bit, esp as my hubbie gets up at 6am. im all out of ideas!!!!!


  • My lo used to be scared of fans too what i did was put im to bed in a nappy and vest and when he dropped off i would then put the fan on and cover him woth a light blanket then normally turned to fan off say 11:30 when i went to bed and uncover him as the room had cooled down lots by this time

    P.s G/C lol
  • funny enough we said we would try this tonight. did you leave his door open when you turned fan off and went to bed?
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