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what do you do all day?

im a stay at home mum....our routine is a bit like this.
carson is 17 months. he wakes around 6-7( although not at the mo)
play with toys,help mummy put washing out/ watch tv

1230-1- lunch
2-330-swings or park
5-6-playing with toys or me!
6-7 bath most nights then little play and bedtime

usually i have the tv on in the background which he watches on and of but im thinking of turning it off a bit in the day as im worried when we at home he watching to much! although its only ever baby tv!


  • we went to one by me and it was soooo packed we couldnt move! im moving to kent in 4 wks so i decided i would wait till them to go and hope to meet people and other mums and that as i no zero people there! oops
  • I would find out if there are any groups you can get out and go to near you as this is great for ones of this age to start sharing and interacting!
  • Hi, Kent is lovely image hope you settle in well!

    We moved area when ds1 was 4mths old, and I found the easiest way to make other mummy friends was baby & toddler groups - it was an effort at first as I knew no-one, but pretty soon I had a nice circle of mummy friends, some of which I am still in touch with now - 8 years later!

    Soft play centres can be good too, and swimming! My dd (2years) adores swimming. We do coffee mornings/play dates at other mummy's houses as well, which are really good for socialisation, learning to share toys etc.

  • It depends on what we've got planned for the day really. I work 4-days a week (full days) and only have Friday off with Toby (the weekend I have to share him with Daddy :lol: )

    If its a full day inside...

    Wakes around 7am
    Breakfast 8am
    Nap around 9am (anything from 1hr to 2hrs!)
    Get dressed and snack
    Lunch between 11-12
    Another nap in the afternoon (again anything from 1hr to 2hrs!)
    Another snack in the afternoon
    Tea around 4-5pm
    Bedtime routine starts at 6.30

    It totally changes though, depending on when T wakes up and how tired he is. He sleeps a LOT on Fridays - like he's resting from a busy week at nursery (he doesn't sleep well at nursery).

    In between those structured things... we read books, play with his toys, practise his walking, if the weather is nice we go in the garden and he plays in his sandpit for hours until he gets bored and then we go on his slide for a bit.

    Daddy normally finishes work early on a Friday so he often takes him for a walk to the park.

    Sometimes I make plans to see friends - they come over for the day and the babbas all play together and we have lunch. Sometimes we nip out to the shops or to see Grandma and Grandad together. Sometimes we just nip out to see friends for an hour or so.

    I try hard not to spend our Friday doing housework or shopping (but sometimes its inevitable) as its our only day together.

    It does make me feel bad that I don't take him to any groups... but I don't want to commit myself to anything long-term because I know that in 2 Fridays time (for example) I'll want to meet up with friends and their babies.

    Last Friday we did painting together. Once we did messy play with baked beans.

    He will only watch TV for about 5-mins before getting bored!

    I let him crawl up the stairs quite a lot (he loves doing it) but I have to watch him so that takes up time too!!!

  • thanks for replies, we moving to rainham in kent and im a bit nervous as i dont no anyone and im not a person that makes friends easy. the few times i went to baby groups all the mums seem to no eachother and i dont no how to mingle! i would love some female company and carson to meet other kids.
    my closest mates are childless or miles away!
  • I've always try to get out and about as often as I can with Evie. It is difficult when you don't know other mammys, I can totaly sympathise with that but I'm used to going out just the two of us now and as she's gotten older have made more "mammy" friends at various groups.

    Are there any softplays local to you or within travelling distance? Evie loves the softplay. Swimming is another one, and also local libraries. We like to go out to parks just as you do, and we feed the ducks locally to, are there any duck ponds/lakes nearby?

    If we're staying indoors, since she was very very young we've always done drawing with crayons, painting and making sticky pictures with crafty bits (early learning centre is great for buying bits for this) we read books, listen to childrens songs, play with whatever toys, jigsaw puzzles etc.

    try where you can meet local mummies online and chat, and if you feel comfortable with it you can arrange to meet up image

  • im going to get some crayons, paintbrushes ect this weekend. i have joined net mums and hope to meet up once i move in 4 wks.
  • We only stay in on a Monday, dd hates been inside and is always demanding to go out. So Mondays we stay in and i get all the chores done and my "big clean" but we are always in the garden when its nice. Tuesdays she goes nursery for the afternoon, Wednesdays we go swimming, Thursdays we visit our friends and Fridays we go to Play and Stay. In between all that we fit in a 2 hour nap between 10-12 then the usually breakfast/lunch/tea etc and we walk the dogs everyday weather it be around the lake or the park sometimes we go in the morning but lately we have been going when daddy gets home at 5pm after tea as the weather is so nice. Then there is the boring things we have to squeeze in like food shopping etc.

    Where always busy... she is going to have a HUGE shock in a week or so as im 39 weeks pregnant so not going to be able to take her out as much, not for the first few months anyway!!

  • yeah another LO will keep you
    some days i feel i dont have enough time and other days i feel stuck for ideas, i do feel carson needs more stimulation though.
  • We rarely have a day in as like MrsNoName my DS Stanley is always demanding to go out! Mondays tends to be our quieter day too as need one day to get housework sorted, and after a busy weekend with Daddy home need some rest time too (although that may be more to do with the fact I'm pregnant too!)

    Have been trying to get him used to staying in the odd day ready for when DD arrives, as we never ever used to spend a whole day in. When we are in we tend to watch a bit of Cbeebies (well stanley does while I get things done!) drawing, playing with his toys, and maybe a quick trip tp local park as only 5 mins away.

    The rest of the week I tend to either go to friends houses, soft play, swimming, stay and play groups or just in town with a trip to the library included so he doesn't get too bored if i have to do some shopping!

    I didn't find it easy to make friends in the beginning either, just gradually got chatting to other mums as I went to different groups more often and so the friends i have made have been over time (DS is 22 months now)..good luck!xx
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