Anybody use Kidstart????

Hi i was just wondering if anybody has registered with Kidstart??

I was just signing up and wondered if it was any good???



  • i have, btu i hardly ever do online shopping and think i've only used it twice, got ??6 in my kidstart account and doing a online food shop tomorrow so will probably use it then, veven though its taken a while i figure its still better than nothing, maybe after tomorrows shop i'll have a tenner to transfer to ds trust fund, and tahst a tenner for nothing, can't complain really.

  • I've been using KidStart since DS1 & have also added DS2. We don't shop online that much but have found that we've still managed to save quite a bit of money towards their CTFs.

    I would definitely recommend it!!
  • no every bit helps esp now after the budget and the need to tighten our belts just wanted to make sure it wasnt dodgy or anything?

  • we have been signed up a while but i dont do a lot of shopping online as i gat carried away ooops, it suppose to be good if you shop online regulary x
  • im terrible for shopping online i do loads it saves me going into town and spending loads i shouldnt as well though!!! I do most of my xmas and birthday shopping online as well as there is nothing worse than walking around town when its packed with a buggy and a whinging child!!

  • god i am with you with the buggy thing, esp when people make it difficult to get past!
  • Yep, we've used it loads!!! I'm a huge online shopper. It's such a great idea, hubby is in charge of setting up transfer to ctf but he says it's very easy to do
  • I use it quite a bit - think I've had about ??60 odd back so far. Money for free !
  • can someone explain what it is and how do i join - i shop on line loadsx
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