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  • OMG dont say that with the testing that just makes it more exciting what would be my test date then thinking about it...god I am rubbish with this lol

    Think I am hyperventilating ha ha xxx
  • awwww bless you bab that was really lovely.....we have to get over to that pregnancy page together lol xxx
  • i no! wil try my hardest image

    ps wooop 2 pages! lol
  • Hun I am sure your already there just got a shy little bean lol xxx
  • just almsot bought amy and ruby's cbfm for sale, but hubby emailed and said not too image as he will feel under pressure to perform, bless him, i just dont want any more months like this one image are u excited for uhumm, this evening? lol x
  • Morning Hun

    I have been looking to see a BFP thread from you but couldnt see it image have you tested? xxx
  • na didnt test today, didnt want the dissapoitment after the last bfn, im still only12dpo so i think i will wait and see if af shows first as shes due today. so wil see what happens, i can kinda feel shes on the way tho image how r u today? did u bd yest? xx
  • Good idea hun see what happens over the weekend it maybe still too early to get the BFP image

    Yeah feeling not so shattered today which is good image ohhhhh yeah we did last night lol xxx
  • hehe good good, fingers crossed image reckon if af dont show i wil test around 14-15 dpo, so maybe sun or even mon. but not holding out much hope, u no when u can just feel it coming? x
  • Yeah hun I know what you mean with the feeling image I am still feeling very positive though that you'll get your BFP...if you do test over the weekend though I wont know if you have or not until Monday when I get back into work....god the suspense is going to kill me lol xxx
  • haha it will me too! lol. na i reckon i will try hold out til mon if she doesnt come anyways lol.
  • Right thats a deal then for you holding out till Monday so I can get on here and see that BFP flash up lol xx
  • Ohhhh I hope so on FB bab? xx
  • hehe! fingers crossed! xxxx
  • yeah, im amiee last, u? i keep dashing to the loo every 10 mins as i feel something and think O NO shes here! hahahaha
  • Yeah hun I will look for you now on there and add you....what is your profile picture?
    I know hun I kept doing that yesterday when I had CM xxx
  • lmao. work must think im nuts! yeah, my profile pic is me in my wedding dress lol x
  • Just about to add you hun xxx
  • okies, i think its so strange seeing a pic of someone u chat to, when all u see is their username thingy, its so odd puting a 'name' to a face lol xxx
  • ha ha what you like hun, Ive added you bab.
    Thats the good thing about this site though you make some great friends xxx
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