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Hubby's Paternity Leave?

Hi, hope you're all doing well!
It's my due date today & I am waiting patientlyimage

I need your help on the following -

Hubby has been told that he can have 1 week off full pay, or 2 weeks statutory (which I think is a bit odd, as surely these are not equal in pay (he is a teacher)!

Anyway, I was wondering what your OH's have done, and what your thoughts are on what would be best for him to do?

Of course we would be financially better off if he only takes 1 week. I have said that you just don't know what to do for the best... also baby could be 2 weeks late & come 1 week before before the start of the summer hols anyway! Then I'm thinking if I end up needing a CS, I would need him around for longer, due to me being less mobile & in pain? I am also planing to BF, so again may need him round for longer?

Please can you give me your opinions on this!


Anna x


  • Hello

    My hubby took 2 weeks paternity, but was only paid statutory pay (approx ??130/week) as his company wouldn't top it up. Every employer is different and have their own policies!

    All I can say is that we needed the 2 weeks together as I was in hospital unexpectedly for 4 days so 1 week was definately not enough time for us to bond and get used to everything.

    Emily - 18 days old x x
  • hi

    my hubby ended up taking 2 weeks annual leave, we couldn't afford for him to have paternity leave. we'd planned for him to have a week but i ended up with an emergency c section. if he had only taken the week by the time i'd been home from hospital he would only have had 2-3 days with us.
  • At least your hubby gets paternity pay. My hubby is self employed and all the time he took off for my hosp appts and to be induced and give birth are all completely unpaid. xxx
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