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Sorry ladies another food Q

I only ever buy skimmed milk low fat spreads etc and i know i need to use full fat ones for my daughter but when i make curries i would usually use low fat coconut milk is she ok to have this or do i have to by that full fat too?

Oh actually whilst on the subject of curries i always make my own from scratch but buy the paste is she ok to have shop bought paste or do i have to make that too?

Thanks x


  • hello

    i dont know about the first bit but i know you can get baby pasta, not sure what the difference is to normal though?
  • I don't low fat would do any harm to her i you're cooking a meal for you all! I would just check the sodium levels in any paste you buy. If it's low salt then you'll be fine to use it, if it's a big red dot then i'd batch make your own - it lasts for ages so you won't have to make it from scratch every time! Great curry idea though, might give it a try myself!! xx
  • I think as long as you're not giving her everrything low fat (which your not) and lots of high salt things you should be fine. As flimpo said, id check the salt in the curry paste as its probably really high and wouldnt be nice for LO!
  • Thanks ladies ive just made my own curry paste and batch frozen it!!

  • mmmmm sounds yummy
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