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feeling down

I have been being sick morning oon and night and its really getting me down.tried things and thought they were working but must just b going through stages as the work one day and not the next.i cant stop crying just basically feeling really low image and dont want to take sickness pills off doctor as heard there is only a small 3% but some babies are born with disability/deformaties.has anyone else heard this?


  • I haven't heard of that one hun, sorry, hope that you feel much better soon x
  • I hope you feel better soon sticky86, maybe just take some time out for you!! have the day off, have a nice bath, an icecream or watch a good movie.. Ginger helps with sickness, I found eating little and often and ginger biscuits and ginger beer helps.. Never heard the fact about the sickness pills. Maybe contact the doctor or aska pharmacist at your local chemist for advice just for peace of mind. X Hugs to you. X
  • Hi,

    Sorry to hear you're feeling down. I have heard about morning sickness tablets causing deformaties but I'm sure it relates to certain medication that was used many years ago. My MIL told me and I think it's more relevant to the medication that was used in her generation not those prescribed now. I doubt they'd be able to prescribe anything nowadays that had such risks.

    As for other things to help with morning sickness the only thing that I found helped was the seasickness bands that you wear on your wrists. I got mine from Boots but I think you can buy them from any chemist.

    Hope this helps xxx
  • hi hun my sickness only just going now, im 23 weeks, ive been taking cyclizine since 7 weeks, not very often at all now, but they work well for me and all the other mums i found online who have taken them have all had healthy babies and med research has found no deformaties with babies whos mums had taken them. xx hope that reassures u. x xx
  • Hi Sticky86,
    I'm 33+5 and still being sick although fingers crossed it is easing off now.
    My doctor did not want to give me antisickness drugs because they aren't tested on pregnant women so he couldn't tell me the risks. I did have to take some at 15 weeks because I had a chest infection and I couldn't keep the antibiotics down without them, the doctor I saw then said they were fine to take.
    Apart from that though I've just tried to eat what I can when I can and got very used to being sick everywhere I go!
    I hope it eases off for you soon.
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