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Grrrr really annoyed!!!!

Forgot to ad I was advised by MW and HV to co sleep as elliott just would not go in basket!!!


  • Just been round to hubbys best freinds house to drop off birthday present or his fianc????e. My hubbys at work so I went alone!

    Anyway she asked about his sleeping and I said he's really good seeing as hes only 13 weeks and sleeps through! She asked if he was still in with us, and what he slept in! And I said he was in bed with us as he point blank refused his Moses basket!

    And she made a face and was like 'oh right' like I was some kid of terrible
    parent that would put my baby at risk!!

    I said to her co-sleeping is perfectly safe if it's done correctly!!

    I'm so annoyed! To be honest I'd rather elliott was comfy and happy and had a good nights sleep! And I know he's safe!!

    So when she said that her dd went into her own cot at 4 months I looked horrified and was like oh no I'd have to wait until 6months! Honestly, I don't see any problem with them being in own room earlier...but wanted her to feel bad!! She's so fr up her own ass it's unbeleivable!!

    i KNOW i am a good mum!!! Grrrr don't some people just need a good slap!!
  • I loooooved co-sleeping! And it's perfectly safe as long as it's planned and you follow the advice for co-sleeping.

    Sounds like she's the mummy-olympics type lol!

  • It amazes me how some people can have such a strong opinion against co-sleeping and then when you actually talk to them about it it turns out that they actually have no idea about it. I think its one of those things that there should be more information about so more people will consider it. My lo was in a baby hammock to start with and now she is in her cot next to the bed (joined on iykwim). She goes in her cot bit when she goes to bed and then when I go to bed I bring her over to me so she can feed and then she sleeps next to me.
    If she says something negative to you about it again just say something like its a shame she didn't find out more about it as she has really missed out on a lovely experience.
  • I must say, I didn't know that they can advise you to co-sleep, so it just goes to show that there just isn't the available information on it about. My DD slept with me alot and I spent the whole time worried I was doing the wrong thing! x
  • Thanks girls! It is such a great bonding thing (second from breastfeeding) I love waking up and seeing his little face next to mine image

    yeah kimmy, my mw was so lovely, she showed me how to bf lieing down and everything, she said it's great for the night feeds as you can still rest while baby is latched on

  • Good to stick to your own guns, but have to say, tow wrongs dont make a right. DOnt sink to her level, just say that we're all different and we have to figure out whats right for us and our babies.

    Em x
  • I was given a booklet and the mw spoke to us about how to co-sleep safely and like you pb, showed me how to bf lay down. I haven't done it with Alfie as he was always perfectly settled in his moses basket, but I did with Rhys and loved it.
  • Alot of foreign cultures actually practice co-sleeping as a done thing and would be horrified at our culture of leaving to sleep on there own in bed let alone there own room!!!

    I would stress however make sure you get them in there own bed sooner rather than later an i co-slept and im really struggling with my Nearly 4 year old to get him in his own bed and its killing my back!!!

  • I knew you could co sleep if you were BF but must admit I dont really know anything about it and on the few occasions ds was brought in to bed I spent the whole time feeling incredibly anxious and like a naughty child so did not enjoy it. Had I known how to do it safely i would have relaxed and enjoyed it a lot more. Shame they dont tell you more about it really as nothing nicer than lo snggling in.

    PS virtual slap for your DH BF girlfriend . How dare she be so cheeky! xx
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