How reliable are FR tests?? Anyone got 3 lines before?

I just done a test and I'm so confused. The control line came up but there's also a possible faint line although it looks strange. It's more like there's a lighter band with two faint lines either side of there's three lines including the control. I would post a pic but the lines are so faint it probably wouldn't show up. Anyone had anything like this before? I'm 12dpo

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  • This happened to someone last week so look through the older posts. I she most poeple told her to test again. It could either be an evap line or as you say the outline of your BFP.

    Lots of luck hun xxx
  • Thanks babylove i found that other thread. I done a test this morning and BFN but I'm still only 12dpo so I still have hope! I was going to ring first response and see if they would send me free tests but I don't think I want to test with FR again xxx
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