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Feels like it's getting to be a swear word at the moment. Ciaran seems determined not to have nappies on at the moment and I'm running out of ideas. We've been using re-usables without issue for a year (with the velcro), but now when he's in the 'wrong' mood they come straight off - even from under shorts.
We've tried disposibles (same thing happens), alternative re-usables with velcro, and some with snaps too (was assured that he wouldn't be able to undo the snaps - took him about 5 mins). Also done the pull up nappies too - which he just pulls down. :\? :\?

I'm running out of ideas on what to try, as at times, whatever we put on, he takes straight off again. Nappy free time is fine occassionally but if I just left him without a nappy in these periods he'd have be without one for about 4 hours today and it's not always the best timing (meal times or when I know he's likely to do a poo).

I believe we're a long way off toilet training as yet, so I don't think it's particularly to do with that.

Any ideas on how to deal with it gratefully received as I'm going through a lot of nappies at the moment and I've yet to find any distraction technique that will stop him when decide it's coming off :roll: .


  • No advice sorry but wanted to say we've the exact same problem! Most mornings when we go to fetch Lorelei she's taken her nappy off. She is telling us when has done a 'poo bum' and tries to take it off. Really dunno what to do either.
    Having said that, she's a wild one for wanting to be naked all the time anyway! Maybe it's the heat
  • oh dear! what about bracesimage or dugerees
  • Sounds like you might need to go back to vests. We use dungarees a lot now as Abby likes to pull at her nappy too.
  • We use vests but she can open them lol Wondering if might be time to think about introducing a potty- just casually since she is telling us when has went to toilet, just lot earlier than I thought
  • only other thing i could think of is selotape to keep the straps stuck down. a long enough piece should cause enough issues that it would take him longer to get them off and maybe even get fed up of trying
  • C can open the nappies through any clothes, so vests don't help (apart from the heat meaning they aren't pracical for him at the moment as he's tending to be in just nappy and shorts!). Selotape is become a fairly serious option - but he is pretty good at getting selotape off most things so I'm not sure it would hold him off for long!!! Looks like we will just have to keep telling him no!
  • Sounds like a nightmare issue Kristin! Can't think of any ideas not mentioned already, sorry. Hmmm., tough one

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