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2yr check

has your Junie had theirs?

Tylers is next week



  • Livs hasn't had hers yet Either. From what I can remember with my other 3 usually the health visitor gives you a ring and arranges a time she can come over and do it. Not sure if that's changed now though? I haven't heard anything yet x x x
  • I think some parts of the country now get a questionaire at 2 1/2 then they make an app based on that!

    Give you HV a call and see what they say. xxxxx
  • don't think they do ours round here til 2 and half.

    Make a pregnancy ticker
  • Hey girls Ashton had his a couple of days before his 2nd birthday but I know mates that says their kids get them at 3 instead and they only live 30 minutes from me. Maybe best to check with your HV and see what they say! xxxxx
  • I think every area has a different way of going about it. Deffo give ur HV a call. xx
  • Hi ladies

    I just got a questionnaire for J, and have someone popping to see me today re sleep issues

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