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Do I need to sterilise calpol spoon?

This may be a silly question! My LO is 19 weeks old, breastfed and not yet weaning. So we have no sterilising equipment in the house! He has two teeth just coming through and is a bit grouchy. We have given him a couple of doses of cslpol in the last few days but today it has occurred to me that we should probably be sterilzing the spoon? Is that right? I've tried looking at various websites but am still unclear whether I should/would be sterilising bowls and spoons if I was weaning at this age. Help please! x


  • I'm not an expert by any means as this is my first, but from speaking to my sister over the weekend (we're borrowing her sterilising unit) you should really sterilise everything until they are a year old. If you havent got any of the equipment then a milton tablet would be just as good.
    Hope this helps
    Nicky (Due in August)
  • ditto for mrs P. If youve no sterilizer just scald it, but might be worth getting one, you'll be living by it when hhe starts to wean! I recommend a cold water sterilizer, brilliant!!

    Em x
  • i would say yes to sterilise everything that goes in their mouth under the age of 6 months maybe you could put it in a cup and scald it with boiled kettle water that's what my mum used to do but maybe that is wrong now i'm not sure i had a steriliser so used to pop it in there

  • I thought this too, and sterilised the dentinox syringe...came out banana shaped!

    milton tabs/solution i think is best!
  • I've found dipping it in boiling water the best method so far. Obviously have to wait a few minutes to cool down, but seems to work, xx
  • Oh God, I genuinely wouldn't bother. Life is too short! I stick my fingers in LO's mouth sometimes and I'm sure as hell not about to tip boiling water on them first. Neither am I keen to scald my nipples before every bf.

    You can, if you must, but if you don't I promise he won't die of it!

  • :lol: Mrs S!

    After my banana syringe experience I haven't either
  • Oh God, I genuinely wouldn't bother. Life is too short! I stick my fingers in LO's mouth sometimes and I'm sure as hell not about to tip boiling water on them first. Neither am I keen to scald my nipples before every bf.

    You can, if you must, but if you don't I promise he won't die of it!

    Totally with you MrsS - was just saying today that Benjamin sucks away on my hand sometimes and yet I'm constantly steralising his dummy...
  • before ds was mobile i would just drop the spoon/dropper/syringe thing into a cup of boiling water for a few minutes, but once he was mobile and sticking everything and anything in his mouth anyway i didn't really see the point, guidelines are sterilse everythying until 6 months and from then on to 1yr just milk bottles (water cups, plates bowls just need washing in hot soapy water) and then from 1yr place the sterilser can be forgotten about as long as everything i s washed..guidelines tho, take them as u will

  • I stopped sterilising everything for DD at 7 months when I caught her licking the cat. I'm not going to bother doing bowls etc at all for DS. They're washed in hot soapy water, they're clean, that'll do me.
  • im with mrs setters too. I cant say i have sterilised a great deal with my twins maybe for the first couple of months everything was but after that then not alot although hot bubbly water was used to wash them and they are both happy healthy 8 month olds and they were actually out playing with his big brother in the mud the other day lol they have not even had a cold yet so it cant be doing them any harm image
  • i still sterilise bottles but i dont sterlise anything else. i mean whats the point when shes trying to eat the carpet?!!! lol
  • I'm with MrsSetters on this one too - my baby is putting everything in his mouth at the moment - he is 19 weeks too - and some of that will be far dirtier than a calpol spoon that has been washed up well.

    As regards sterilising weaning equipment - you only have to do it (according to official guidelines) up until 6 months so if you are waiting until then to wean then there is no point in buying a steriliser.

    I do find it handy to have a bottle of milton in the house and then if I do really need to sterilise something I stick it in a plastic tub, weigh it down with a glass or plate(depending on the size of the tub). No point investing in expensive equipment you don't need. I couldn't believe the price of the proper cold water sterilisers for sale in mothercare!
  • LOL @ Mrs Butler! My husband did this with all our Dentinox syringes!! We had to buy a new bottle as I used those syringes for everything. (Much easier to give Calpol through a syringe!!) I now only sterilise bottles, and have done since 5 months!
  • We don't sterilise the calpol spoon anymore (Adam is 20 weeks) - it just gets a good soapy wash!
  • I did sterilise the spoon but only because i may as well stick it in with the bottles when they get sterilised as I do with lo's dummies every so often, to be honest i agree with everyone else i really wouldn't worry about it, if you are concerned just drop it in a mug of boiling water which i do when i can't be arsed to sterilise her dummy that she's just spat 10 foot across the floor for the 10th time!!
  • LOL morello - my lo doesn't have a dummy but I remember when we were trying to get him to take one (unsuccessfully) that we stuck it in the steriliser any time it touched anything other than his mouth. Needless to say this was every 30 seconds!!! Needless to say I have relaxed a little since then.
  • MrsS, I'm in hysterics reading your posts!! We now dont bother with the calpol spoon, I used to be a bit of a sterilising fiend and if you stood still long enough in our house you'd get sterilised, but apart from bottles and dummies I don't bother now. I think for your own piece of mind I'd just run boiling water over the spoon xxx
  • I agree with mrsS too...the Mount of crap that goes intheor mouths when they chew their hands and toys etc would be more then what would be left on a calpol spoon after being washed xx
  • i just put it in some boiling water for a few seconds when he was really young, but my HV said spoons and weaning equipment didn't need to be sterilised, even under 6 months (most of the time i did sterilise but i wasn't too fussed if i didn't occasionally). xx
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