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a few milestones...

Elijah has been a clever boy the last few days.
Firstly he jumped for the very first time! lol. Hasnt done it very many times since, but its a start! image
He also has done 2 poos in the potty. Im starting it properly on weds & staying home for the rest of week but hes asking to go on it and managed to squeeze tiny bits out lol.
Anyone seen any good puzzles? He's doing 9 piece ones on his own now with no help and elc/mothercare etc have no good ones, either the dead easy ones or 25 pieces! xx


  • Oh wow, well done Elijah.........
    No clue about puzzles, we're still on the stick in wooden frame types but have you looked in the supermarkets they seem to have quite a good range.
    Tbh I've bot really looked into emlncouraging jigsaws too much because he always loses the pieces and they're a right pain to find lol!
  • wab I'm with you jigsaws really annoy me as the pieces end up everywhere lol. We got some from toys r us tho at Christmas btstill needs help qith tem.
    Well done Elijah what a clever week he's had x
  • Go Lije! Hubby just got Gracie a wooden box containing 4 different 12 piece farm jigsaws, really good quality, from the farm we practically live at! She loves them!
    Good luck on the potty training....we're no where near!
  • Hi
    Well done Elijah what a good week.
    Jack can jump but falls on his bum most of the time.
    He is fully toilet trained now and wont go near potty needs big boys toilet! Cant remember last time we had an accident.
    Hes not too bad with puzzles but still needs help with bigger ones.
    He can count to 20 and knows all his colours.
    He can say most of the alphabet song ( thanks to SuperWhy)

    Cant believe they all growing so fast!!1
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