mamas and papas slumber swing

just wondering if anyone has the Mamas and Papas slumber swing? we bought it from argos yesterday and it doesnt seem to do a slow rock all of the speeds seem to be the same and are a bit fast for our 4 week old. Is there a problem with ours or are the swing speeds just fast?

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  • Hiya. I bought this a couple of weeks ago to use at my parents house and ours is the same - even took the first one back because of it. The dial implies there are different speed settings but that doesn't appear to be the case! My LO is nearly 11 weeks though so it's not too much of an issue x
  • mine is the same and i was going to take it back is there no point
  • Thanks guys. Its a pain because all of the other models were out of stock at argos and the Babies r Us near us IN Exeter doesnt stock the lower price range of swings grrr.
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