TTC, scared, symptoms, eeep freaking out, I'm new!!

Hi ladies

I am hoping someone can calm me down, I am so good at getting myself in a tizzy!

My hubby and I decided to start trying for a baby on Sunday 27th June and needless to say we have been having lots of bedroom fun image I had never imagined having a little one just yet but all of a sudden it seems so right, we are so happy together we would need to move house so have started looking in to that and I always thought it would take a while to happen.

The past 2 mornings I have felt very queasy, I am so hot, have a very achey lower back and am totally off my I mad in thinking that this could have happened for us so soon or are these symptoms all in my head, I didn't even realise you could get symptoms so quickly.....all of a sudden I am having a panic that I can't quite believe this could have happened so quickly, am I mad, crazy, irrational, or all of the above lol!! I haven't been on the pill for almost 2 years so I am assuming my body is probably in a good way to get pregnant quite quickly!?

Anyway, sorry for my general ramblings but anyone who could reply to this nonsense would be a star!! xx


  • Hi and welcome to ttc!!

    It is possible you have fallen straight away especially if you were ovulating around the 27th as that would already make you 8ish dpo.

    Where abouts in your cycle are you?

  • only way to find out is to test chick x
  • and breathe.......... lol hiya emsypops and welcome image it is very possible u could be preggers, do u no when your due? it must be soon? do a test sweetie. glad u and hubs r happy image these could also be symptoms of coming off the pill, so its hard to judge, defo do a test hun,do it with ur first pee in the morning as the preg hormone will be stronger image good luck and keep us posted xxxx
  • sorry when i said do u no when ur due, i mean do u no when ur af is due lol xxx
  • hey emsypops

    im about a week infront of u, came off my pill 18th june as we have decided to ttc.
    Its prob just coming off the pill thats giving u these feelings - ive been feeling exactly the same as u image

    fingers crossed for u that its not and u get ur bfp - as it can happen first month off the pill image

  • Thanks so much for the replies girls it means a lotimage

    This is the thing I have no idea where I am in my cycle etc as I am so new to this I just don't know how to work it out.

    I literally finished my period on the 27th and we started trying that day, I always envisioned it maybe taking a few months and goodness if we were this lucky it would truly be a blessing, I guess I have to wait until my first missed period to have a tes then?

    I am wondering if I am making all these symptoms up in my head due to being in a tizzy, crikey I feel like I need a stiff drink but I am sure that wouldn't help!!! x
  • im sure it cant be coming of the pill symptoms if you have been of it for 2 years. really got everything crossed for you! xxx
  • i hope it is hun!!! im finishing my pill in two days and am sooo exited!! your body is sooo good at playing tricks on you and you do imagine quite alot!! i really want another! i went back on the pill after having my first (got bfp whilst on it) and i keep thinking what if!!! your mind is really good at going into overdrive!! are you just going with the flow or following your cm and opk tests etc???
    have fun trying that is the main thing at the beginning dont put too much pressure on yourself!! keep us all updated! when is your af due?? xxxxx
  • I have actually been off the pill for 2 years so it must well and truly be out of my system?

    We decided not to go in to overdrive getting ovulation sticks etc as we just wanted to see what happened x
  • What cd (calendar day) are you on and how long are you cycles normally? You count day 1 as the first day of your period. I doubt it will be anything to do with the pill, especially if your cycles have regulated since you came off it x
  • Thanks for not thinking I am an idiot girls I seriously have no idea about things!! Maybe I should have looked in to it before TTC!

    I have worked out I must be on day 14 of my cycle at the moment x
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