Smear Tests.


I actually forgot about having my smear test done, I recieved a letter few months back and put it to one side coz my cycles were haywire, i decided to wait till they calmed down. Now ive thought its the best time to have it done as i have just purchased my CBFM on ebay and wil be using it once i get my start date for my new job.
I have now found the letter from december and im going to make an appointment with my local hospital.

Main question, Im on CD13 at the moment and i wanted to ask at what point in our cycle is it best to go? I know you shouldnt go whilst on AF, that abit of an obvious one. :lol;



  • I think anytime as long as not AF time!

    Oh you just got a CBFM me too 15 months of trying with no joy this is the 2nd month with CBFM and I'm also cutting my caffine down to one coffee a day as I drink tons at work
  • They say the best time to go is rougly mid cycle, i have a smear a yeah due to having pre cancerious cells reomved 8 years ago and have been told that is when they get the clearest results as you generally have more mucas so its easier for them to get a sample.

    Hope this helps

    Mel xxx
  • Yep definitely mid-cycle. I had one when we got back from honeymoon and it was more of a 'scrape' test than a smear. Ick.
  • The best time is mid cycle but the nurse at the docs told me you can have day after you finish af now! x
  • Thanks all, I am quite mucusy at the mo, that might help.
    Good luck with your CBFM wanabama, Its only been 5 months for me but OPK's never really worked for me, they were positive all the time, it was telling me i was constantly OVing.
    I could never get the OV date right. Last month i had EWCM twice and assumed the first lot i had was when i was OVing and we BD'd, turned out the 2nd lot was when i OVd and totally missed it. I thought the 2nd lot might of been a rise in estrogen.


  • i went on friday and was cd21/6dpo, when i spoke to the nurse she asked where i was on my cycle ( i was very late booking it - and she asked why ) i explained that i wasnt totally sure about my cycles and wanted them to get back to normal, she said the only times they cant do a smear is if u are having ur AF or u are late for ur AF xxxx
  • doesn't really matter, as long as ur not bleeding, i had my smear done a couple of months after ds was born and my periods ahdn't returned at that point, so think as long as ur not actually during AF it really isn't an issue.
  • Made an appointment for next wednesday and i will be on CD22 and i told the nurse that. I told her my cycles vary between 21 - 28 days and if i was to start my AF could i cancel my appointment. She said i still should go, but i dont see the point coz i will only have to go back coz the sample will be contaminated.
    I hope the witch stays away.

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