omg y have i stil got + ov test

right i got first positive ov test last Tuesday.+. Guess what it still is!
Why? I can't understand. Do i ov for a week? Is there something wrong with me? X


  • Hi have you tried a hpt? opks can detect pregnancy hormone too.

    Good luck xx
  • yes its negative so don't no x boo
  • Hiya,

    I had the same problem too and i was using tesco OPK's, ive stopped using them coz i wasnt pregnant and there was no way i was OVing constantly.

  • thanks. . Now i don't no when i ov. . Lol. . Bummer. . Do you think am in with a chance we bd since last sat every night till Sun except Thursday. That's eight nights surly one little spermy got through lol x
  • It was the same for me, i was so worried I'd missed it, It was so confusing.
    I think you have pretty much covered it :lol: and sperm can live inside for up to 6 days, so fingertes crossed.
    Because i kept getting constant + I was doing SMEP for a while to make sure i had it covered, didnt last long, i got knackered! hehe

  • ha ha year we the same. . My husband kept saying. .again lol. .the weird thing is i did a ov test this am was negative so i thought oh good. . Then tonight was positive again lol weird or what x
  • I have no idea what 'fingertes' means but you know what i meant. :lol:

    Im wondering whether you got a neg coz you tested at the wrong time, They say you have to use OV sticks with 2nd urine of the day or after up until 8pm at night. I always tested around 4pm every day to get an accurate result.
    So maybe thats why? or did you use 2nd am urine? :\)

  • Yeah Defo second one of day. . Done two tonight now and both are pink same as other line. . I should be 8dpo i though. I got low down cramps though too. God knows lol i hope Im preggers But knowing my look prob not x x fingers crossed x x
  • Fingers crossed, let us know. image

  • You shouldn't reslly get constant +ve for so long it may be worth talking to your doc and getting your hormone levels tested. LH tests (like everything) don't wprk for evryone.

  • really umm, am worried now what could it be i heard PCOS?!... thanks for ur advice! xx
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