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Sleep Help!!!

Hello all

for the past 2 weeks I have been 'training' (I use this word very very loosely) reece to sleep, bascially he was not sleeping AT ALL for about the previous 4 weeks during the day, he would be tired and would fall asleep on the breast but as soon as he was moved he would wake and was feeding around every hour to hour and a half if I was lucky which isn't ideal if you have a 5 years old as each time he was on 20-30 mins.

so started with the baby rice (with hv support) and have been taking him out in the car or walking him in the pram and have got him so he'll sleep for one hour in the morning from 9ish and 2 hours in the afternoon from 1230ish he is also settling a lot better at night and going down between 730-8 and only waking 2-3 times at night which is great as he literally wakes up feeds for 10 mins and goes straight back down (not awake)

ssssssssssssooooooooo what I want to do is try to get him to go down in the cot, I have noticed that he is now showing signs of sleepiness at 'nap times' so feel he is naturally tired to go to sleep but I am scared that if I feed him to sleep on the breast and put him in the cot that:
a) he'll wake up and then wont sleep at all
b) will only sleep for about 20 mins and then he'll loose the sleep pattern I have helped him with and it'll be back to square one?

It wasn't so bad when ds1 was at school as both naps were before I picked him up but I dont think its fair dragging him out on long walks or car journeys twice a day.

ds2 seems to go over ok but its keeping over to sleep he seems to have a problem with, after about 20 mins he will stir and wake up, when we are out in the pram or the car he stirs around every 20-30 mins but the motion is keeping him over whereas I am almost sure if he was in teh cot he would wake up??

anny suggestions girls?? I dont mind the feeding on the breast until he falls asleep as a 'sleep prop' for the meantime as I know its a wee comfort for him but its the out and about to get him to sleep im keen to loose.

Thanks in advance xxx


  • At bedtime i do sometimes feed to sleep but not always. If he is not tired at bedtime he tends to fuss. At lunchtime i put him in his pram and leave him and he cuddles his little bear and rubs it on his face and goes to sleep. I know when i tried to put him in his bed at this time he freaked and cried and cried. Could you maybe try putting him somewhere else other than his cot. If he does sleep in the pram, put him in it and rock it to settle him down and just leave him. If he is used to going to sleep in it, he maybe will be ok??

    I think its all trial and error. You could at night try a bit of rocking rather than feeding, or once you get the playex bottles (hee hee) , give him some water to see if he will stop waking?

    Just keep trying

    gemm x
  • lol at bottles gemm fingers crossed, ds1 was ff and i was so much more conifdent putting him down as I knew he was full but with bf there is no indicator lol lol
  • Argh, moonbean LO is exactly the same and it's driving me potty. I had to drive aimlessly for an hour today just to get him to sleep so he wouldnt be so cranky! Will be watching this thread with interest, and asking my HV when I see her thursday as I'm at my wits end...(and then he goes to bed at night and looks so cute all is forgiven!)
  • i hear ya I always tell wee reece its just as well he comes in such good packaging lol

    will let you know if I have any breakthroughs, i really dont think he could be left as rather than cry I think he would just play, he just seems so nosey and would rather look about than sleep, its almost as if he feels he'll miss something lol
  • also chubbs not sure if you are the same but reece is so easily woke up when I am out walking a dread bumping into some one I know as soon as he hears my voice his eyes pop open, I was saying to the other day i'd love to get a sign for my head to say 'f*ck off im trying to get my baby to sleep dont even speak to me LOL'
  • sorry wakened - baby brain
  • I found my lo would cry when i put him in his cot. Ive got an activity arch in his cot for when im upstairs doing stuff and by accident one night, i put him under it while i sorted the other kids and he played and played then fell asleep. Thats what he does now most mornings, i put him there and get the boys dressed and myself dressed and he plays till he crashes out?

    Worth a try?
  • Yes, what did you get and where from? And do they do express delivery??
    I keep finding he'll falll asleep at the end of our walk (go out with the dog) so I'll end up doing more loops of the same field. The neighbours must think I'm weird walking around in circles for ages!
  • You can buy special devices which you can attach to cots so that the mattress vibrates! You could try one of these, if it is motion that your DS likes...

    Or could you try putting him to nap in a baby swing? Not ideal, but it means you don't have to be out and about with him...

  • I have to be honest Jaoc is fine with his naps most of the day other then his early ebening one, and that is when I put him in his swing, only for half an hour though, but it means I can get on and cook dinner for the rest of the family!!

    We also walk the dog to get JAcob to sleep during day, but as soon as we walk through the door he wakes up. He will nap in his cot, but I have to look for signs of tiredness and then he goes down quite easily in morning and lunch, as long as I put his cot mobile on!

    I read somewhere that to get baby to like sleeping in his cot then they should be put in there whislt you potter around, like what gemm was saying!
  • Moonbean, Chubs, I feel your pain!

    Daytime naps are fine and Tilly will happily go to her cot as soon as she starts showing signs of tiredness and nod off with her cot mobile going.

    But recently, in the evening she's started kicking off and whereas she used to go down at 7pm quite happily and sleep until we woke her for her late feed, now she's waking after about 20 mins and we often end up walking her around for up to an hour and a half to get her back to sleep. It's the loss of the evenings that we used to have that's killing me!

    So I'm not really sure what to suggest but am very interested if anyone has the answer.

    All our LO's are about the same age (she's 14 weeks) so do you think it's related to that particular age? I have to keep telling myself we probably won't be pacing the nursery floor with her when she's 18...
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