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asda tests!

hey girls!

has anyone used these? bought some this morning but havent used it yet!!

2 days late now so im hoping its BFP!!!



  • I'll be interested in the replies to this too since i bought some on Sunday. Not due to test for another week though x
  • hi!! im new here, but i saw ur post and thought i may help u !i missed my period last month and i took an asda test on the first day of my missed period and, it was positive!! it was a VERY faint line and do leave it for the full three mins, as i threw it away at first!lol.

    i have also done a digital clear blue test, i found this to b the best for early detection as theres no mistaking the result!! :\)
  • I got my BFP last time on one at 10DPO and it was as clear as the line I had got the day before with FR. I love them and think they are great value.

    Good luck xx
  • Yeah i got my BFP last time with them too. There very good!

    Although on the same day my cb digi said not pregnant so i wouldn't say there as sensitive. It took 2 days for my cb digi to say pregnant 1-2.

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