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yey im on - well i hope!!!!

its prob gonna be a quickie as the comptuter will crash!!!!

i dont know how i have coped with out this site to keep me sane and you guys -

Quick update then hopefully can read your posts.missed soooooo much!

Fin started potty trainig last Saturday - spare of moment thing as was such nice weather and i made a sticker chart for first week and he did really good just had nacked 1st few days then put pants on then shorts.............. the potty is on view in lounge and he says toilet and goes to it so thats good! we have had 2 full days out in pants all went well and today he is childminders so hope he is just as good!

Mason is now 7 months - eating loads.............about 3 weeks ago he woke at 11.30 and wouldnt go back off so so normally we would have just fed then he would have wokr again at 3 and i would have fed - but hubby left him to cry and kept putting dummy in - he finally went off at 1.30 and slept! he then slept thru for a few nights which was like heaven but now he does wake for dummy a few times or he has rolled on front and wakes!!! much better than was tho................

life is more settled and Mason adores hubby so after the worst thing of them not bonding at first its all fine now and i can leave both boys withhim to go out or shops etc... its bloody hard work!

Im back to work on 8th September so boys will be at childminders for 2 days and my mum for one!

Take care and speak soon love me xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


  • Good to hear things are going well. We've been potty training for a few weeks now and have had our first accident free week (well apart from the time he forgot to pull his pants down but he was sat on the potty). He's still petrified of the toilet so the potty comes everywhere with us lol.

    Alfie's 19 weeks now and doing well he's finally started puttinga bit of weight on and finally getting a bit of chubbiness to his scrawny legs lol.

    oh has struggled to bond with Alfie this time but he's getting there and has really started to make an effort and it seems to be working as already Alfie is more settled with him.

    Good luck going back to work. I'm dreading it already as I'm going to be doing weekends due to hrs I work can't get childcare so means we won't have any time as a family to do things.

  • 19 weeks my god thats gone quick!!! is he a good baby??? mason was a nightmare and still a little attention seeker so got my constant attention - sort of cant wait till he can move so he stops winging so much but then i can see that will broing its own set of problems when he trashes fins toys etc...hehehe dont get me wrong he is actually a very smiley little boy and very happy and laughing all the time but the min i leave him he starts...............

    i think the men find it hard going from a toddler espcially loittle boy who talk and play with them and then theres a screaming baby who doesnt communicate- now mason beams a massive smile if he hears hubby its now made things better!

  • Yay for star11 image hope your internet lasts, I would say the male bonding thing is totally natural, I know my oh took a while to bond with zachariah, in fact it wasn't really until zachariah started to respond and give something back so I have no doubt we will have issues with that as now zachariah is in awe of his daddy so a baby will be easy competition image
    Potty truing sounds fantastic, that's great you've got him sorted outside as well- I think we are way too far behind in this lol! Doesn't help I don't always understand what he means or he demands help just as I'm cooking!
    Sounds like you'll get a nice break when work starts again lol! Hope you find things keep getting better x
  • Yay! Nice to hear from you!
    Glad all is going well with Daddy and baby, really pleased for you. And good about the potty training too!
    Im going to start training next week, was going to this week but its ended up that we've been out every day and i want a week where we can stay in.
    How are you feeling about going back to work? Im looking for work again now but also starting up my own business in the meantime (and hoping it takes off.) xxx
  • OMG I cant believe Mason is 7 months old already!! its so nice to see you back and hear that things are finally settling down for you a bit and that hubby is getting on better with the boys, that must be a huge relief to you! Are you looking forward to going back to work? xxx
  • LOVELY to see you back and to hear things are going well!!! I am finally on Facebook so I am trying to keep up with people on there a bit more.

    No 2 is due in just 9 days! So I am gonna be run of my feet then!

    Can't believe Mason is 7 months already that is CRAZY!
  • Welcome back Star! 7 months...time's flown!
    Glad all is good your end, we're all fine and busy as usual! Not potty trained yet as G had upset tummy when I did start and we break up from school in a week and half so we'll have time over the hols (oops, apart from booking 3 weeks away in the caravan!).
    Hope the internet lasts!
  • Hi again everyone - my god maximum cant believe your due thats gone sooo quick - i cant remember do you know what your having?

    Wouldnt say looking forward to going back at all - its a weird feeling as i really dont want to leave the boys but on days when they both play up my god i'd love to have a break - BUT i know as we are not having any more that this time is precious and as there will be no more maternity leave and inless we win the lottery that will be me at work until im 65 - lol!!!! at least its only 3 days i should be grateful of that my close friend teaches and they are sooo reliant on her money she has to go back full time (at least gets hols off)

  • No we don't know what we are having and I am getting VERY excited to find out!!! image
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