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quick survey please.....time waited for first Af post ERPC??

Hiya ladies....I know the hospital advised my Af could return anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks following my ERPC.
I just wanted to ask all of you who had an ERPC how long was it for your next Af to appear after your ERPC and whether this was longer than your usual cycle. (counting day of ERPC as CD1).

Just wondered really how many of you had much longer cycles than normal or similar length cycle.

I'll be 28 days post ERPC this coming Saturday.... we have been BD'ing already and if my Af is late I won't know whether my Af has not arrived due to being pregnant or just to being later than expected due to ERPC.
I know I could do a test....but don't want to get BFN if you see what I mean.....i'd rather wait a bit longer for Af and get that instead of getting a BFN
Sorry I'm waffling!
Sue x


  • I was quite lucky with mine and it came 28/29 days after ERPC (not sure what counted as CD1 as was a very funny light AF). I know some people have had to wait longer for theirs, think it can show anytime between 4-6weeks (that was the advice my hosp gave me).

    This was shorter than my normal cycle and my second cycle after ERPC was 24 days!

    Maybe wait and see what happens at the wkend? If you test at least you know where you stand, unless its too early to show on a test and in that case you still have hope?? Good luck!! xx
  • 7.5 weeks after ERPC. I always had 28 day cycles, only late on a few occasions. After birth with my first son it took 28 days after the bleeding stopped to get my periods back on track. Strangely enough my ERPC messed up my cycles a lot. They only came down to 28 days after about 5 months.
  • I got mine 5 weeks later, for the first day I bled really heavy ans then it tailed off for a couple of days and that was it. My cycles were roughly 30-32 days before my mmc so it was longer. I fell pregnant after mt 1st af so i've no idea what length my cycles had gone to xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies.. although I realise everyone is different its helpful to know what to expect.
    Thanks again
    Sue x
  • 43 days

    Hope yours returns soon x
  • 28 days for me. Zxx
  • 5 weeks for me x
  • mine came 5wks after ERPC. since then my periods have been so much better. normally they would last for about 7days but now they only last for about 4/5 days and they are loads lighter, there isnt as many clots and it starts on time. i guess that the one good thing about having the op, it cleans out the inside of your womb so theres no old blood.
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