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Toilet training vs. potty training

Has anyone trained their LO just on the toilet and skippd the potty altogether? Any advice to share.

I've started Isla on the toilet and so far so good - she's not scared :\) . Shes 29 months so time to get started as she knows what she's doing and I prefer to skip the potty and the pull ups too if I can. I bought a toilet seat with handles and she talks about going all the time but nothing yet. If she doesn't get any further in a week, I'll stop and try again next month.

Hope everyone & LO's are well...


  • We completely bypassed the potty. To be honest, it was my doing, I hate potties and can't bear the thought of them pooing in then having to take them to the loo to empty before cleaning them. I also was put off by the fact that people tend to take potties out with them when they go out, I really didn't fancy that and figured that she needed to learn to hold until we got to a toilet for her to go. We bit the bullet when she was 28 months and it was virtually done in 2 days and dry at night the week after. Since January when we started we have had 2 daytime wee accidents, no poo or night accidents at all. She also knows she has to 'keep it in her tummy' till we can get to a toilet.
    I would certainly recommend skipping the potty if she isn't afraid of the real toilet.
    Best of luck!!
  • I might as well have wrote Donna's post. My lo is 6 days younger that Donna's daughter Poppy and we too skipped the potty for the same reasons as Donna. It was the best thing that I done. I did buy a potty months before but Kara never once sat on it. I do recommend going to the toilet and skipping potty. One of the great advantages is that there are always toilets wherever you go and no potty's and some children may be afraid of the toilet if they are trained on a potty. You get to learn where every toilet is located when you are out and about.
  • Hee hee Louise! Great minds and all that!! Shame you live in Ireland - would have been lovely to meet up!
  • Couldn't agree more with your reasons - also I feel it's just an xtra step as eventually she's gotta use the toilet anyways...

    Have any of you tried the portable toilet seat to use when out and about - they seem to fold up nice but tbh I don't want drag that along in my handbag!!!!

    Thanx for the replies :\)
  • No I wouldn't be bother carrying anything about to go to the toilet. Kara has great control and this makes it really good. She can hold her pee in until she reaches the toilet.
  • This is a link -its easier than describing it myself.

    ...not sure if it's worth the money or if she'd use it! What do you think?

  • We have both. Started introducing her to the potty, then a friend offered us a toilet seat and step for free. Except shes too short to use the step and I have to lift her. I think the noise of going to a wee helped her realise what she had done.

    I have gone back to using the potty as we only have toilet which is upstairs. When playing in the garden or living room she can go to the potty whereas the toilet she would need to go to the stairgate and wait for me to take her up. I have a potty wiht a removable insert downstairs and a optty upstairs.

    However, if we had a downstairs toilet then things may well have been different.

    Louise - i like the idea of telling her to hold it in her tummy, might nick that idea.

    Go with whatever you are happier with, thers no right or wrong ways to potty train.
  • Those that have toilet trained do you just have an upstairs loo?I really want to by pass the potty too (although I did buy one just to see but Lily doesn't like it) She has sat on the loo and done a few wee's but I am worried cus we only have an upstairs loo that she won't be able to hold it and will tell me last minute or at an awkward time like when I feeding the baby!x
  • We have both but in the early days we tried to use the one upstairs more as I wanted her to learn to hold as soon as possible.
    We also have the seats that go on top of the normal seat to make the hole smaller but she didn't like them - she seemed to like the whole idea of sitting on a big girls toilet.
    At the end of the day you have to go with what is best for you and your child - I'm just lucky that my lo didn't mind going with what I had planned for her!!
  • Yes, we seem to be bypassing the potty too - not because we planned to, but because dd seems to want to! Possibly because she sees her big brothers using the toilet?

    I am quite happy to skip the potty stage tbh - I find washing up potties totally revolting! When I potty trained my 2 boys, I got so fed up with them (potties, not the boys lol!) that I started them onto the toilet within a couple of weeks lol!

  • We bypassed the potty with DS1, He had a potty but wanted to be a big boy, we didn't use pull ups either & we started properly at 2.5 but he went on at bath time a long time before & he's 4 now & we've had less than a dozen wee accidents & 1 poo accident but he was poorly with runs.
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