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First Birthday party

I know this is pretty early as she isn't one until 4th January but i want to organise a really special first birthday party for our gorgeous little girl Lily-Rose

Has anyone got any ideas for an unusual theme or just ideas in general? I'll be DIY-ing most of the decorations to save money and don't want to have something generic - no princess or disney or character based theme if you know what i mean?

Ideas and inspiration would be great image also what will you all be doing for your los?



  • blimey i thought i was organised thinking as far as nov LOL i love it for my 3 boys they were summer babies so we had BBQ pinatas etc as toula is November we are doing a firework party already chose my decs i am going with the first birthdy princes after all the blue parties ive done im def going girly lol we are going to release one of those lanterns too x
  • I replied In BID x
  • what about a magical garden theme? fairies and toadstools and elfs etc?
  • ajmum - have you seen firework stuff anywhere - i have looked for firework themed things and trocket themed and really found zip all!
  • Hi. Just off the top of my head, teddy bears picnic, a nursery rhyme or lots of nursery rhymes put together, farm or zoo animals. Does she have a favourite story or toy, that you could somehow make into a theme? HTH. xx
  • I already have my dd's 1st birthday planned down to the T haha obviously have far too much time on my hands!!

  • That's organisation Mrs P. Have you got a theme? xx
  • I dont want to be rude or critical at all, and your ideas sound lovely and its so nice that you want to give your little one a great birthday, its just that Ive seen a few 1st birthdays where a lot of effort has gone in, and the baby is so overwhelmed by visitor and fuss that they end us screaming and crying and leaving early! Perhaps save it for a 3rd or 4th party that they will really love?!

    Em x
  • That's organisation Mrs P. Have you got a theme? xx

    I have christmas planned too image

    Well i say everything down to a T i'm holding off on a theme incase she has like a favourite cbeebies chjaracter or something i think she will have more of a character so i will be able to tell the things she loves and incoorporate them i can't wait,

    and yes we have already started buying christmas pressies i plan on filling the house :lol:


  • summer i have not seen plates etc i just got the Chinese lanterns sparklers for cakes and kids glow sticks and will get fire works when out. i also am going to get the glow balloons from occasions they r like glow sticks but balloons they r fab.

    we have alot of older children coming so more for them i think lol first birthdays are always for the mummies LOL

    id organise a party everyday of the week if i could.

    ill keep an eye out for stuff for you and dend u message on FB if find any x
  • Hi. Just come across this thread. I am sure you must have started planning your son’s third birthday. If you still don’t want a commercial theme, I would recommend you to organize a soccer party for him. Ask the boys to dress up as players and the girls to dress up as cheerleaders. Buy soccer themed party supplies such as cups, plates, napkins, balloons, etc. Make cake looks special by using soccer ball pick candles. You can get these from

  • Hi,If you want to organize Birthday Party for your kid based on themes such as Princess,fairytale,to make your party more entertainingand enjoyable,then i will suggest you a company called Party Princess Productions,in Orange County,California,USA.
  • I think barnyard or jungle safari would be a great theme. You can also have a simple balloon theme party.

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