please tell me....

i'm not the only one whose LO still wakes at night, sometimes i feel like its just us... Tyler is 7.5 months old !!



  • Adam is a bit younger (nearly 5 months) but last night he woke up a grand total of 8 times!!

    He only got fed once, but was still awake every hour and a half, from 7pm until 6.30am.

  • Hugo is 7 months and has never once in his whole life, slept through the night. Usually it's every 2 hours but for the last few nights it's just been once or twice between bedtime at 7.30 and wake up at 6-6.30am. He will cry unless/until I breastfeed him so I'm the one getting up...
  • Dunno if it will make you feel any better, but Peter woke at least once a night until he was 10 months ...
  • us too sarah. Jen, 8m, wakes at least twice.

    Em x
  • G/C my lo is 28months!!!!!! and since this hot weather she has decided she doesn't need sleep anymore. On thursday night she was awake from 3am (after not managing her to go down until 11pm) and stayed awake until 2pm! last night we tried puting her down at 7pm she didn't go to sleep until 10pm and woke up at 3am, 4am, 5 am, then i woke her at 0830 to make sure same thing doesn't happen again tonight! I can sympathise, i'm blaming the hot weather and being 27 weeks pregnant i officially do not like hot weather anymore lol x x x x
  • When my lo was 7.5 months old he was nowhere near sleeping through, he still woke every 2-3 hours! I know how difficult it is and it made me feel like I was doing something wrong-everyone elses lo's I knew were sleeping through much sooner.

    He finally started going straight through at 14 months , he's now nearly 16 months and it already feels like a life time ago. It's such a short period in their lives, they all get there eventually just try not to worry about it and if you get fed up of people asking how they're sleeping just lie-that's what I did as I was fed up of all the crap advice!xx
  • Yes I lie too because of crap advice, LO is 6 months and always up once, I love that time together!!!
  • At 7.5 months I really don't think it's unusual to still be up in the night. Out of my NCT group of 8, at the moment only my LO is going through the night, and they are all 10 months old.

    Is your LO waking for a feed/water/comfort? Maybe we could suggest ways to help? xx
  • Hi Ladies

    Thanks for the response, quite a few things have happened to him in the past week which is when it all started. He started nursery last week, came down with a cold (which i think is teething related), and has started crawling. When he wakes at 1-3am I try and just get him back down by shh pat, which never works. I then resort to feeding, he takes a full bottle and I put him down awake and he settles himself back off until 5.30am.
    I should mention that everytime go in to him he's on all four trying to crawl across the cot in his gro bag, half asleep !!
    I'm too much of a pouf to do controlled crying, and besides this just makes him be sick everywhere. He was sleeping through, which as anyone who knows our journey was miraculous. I shouldn't complain as 1 waking compared to how he was is good, its just i'm back in work and could do without the disruption..

  • My Tyler was 2 in June hun and he still wakes up! In fact my 5 week old baby sleeps better than him! lol.

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