is this implantation?

hey girls

i had my withdrawal bleed on 9th june and yesterday when i went to the loo i had very light pink discharge, so i was thinking it was the start of my first proper af after coming off the pill
however all day yesterday and today there is no blood just this light pink discharge again

before i had my dd my cycles were all over the place from 39 days- 32 days. however this discharge has started 30 days after my last bleed, which either means my periods have regulated or its not my period!!

i did a test yesterday and it was BFN. Im not upset if it is my period as its only our first month ttc,

was anyone elses first af this weird or if it is implantation when should i test?

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  • I had this too for about 2 1/2 days then it became a bit heavier then my af started properly. this too was my first real af since coming off the pill and i got soo exited i did a test too - BFN image what made it worse was the day i took my test a friend revealed she was expecting image
    so it could be the start of your period or u could be lucky and it could be a preg sign??
    Im hoping this is going to be our month this month, were really trying - using ov sticks etc, u??
    babydust to you hope we get our bfps this month image) xxx
  • yeah i am pretty sure its my period just wish it would arrive properly!
    i had implantation when i was preggy with dd so i guess im just wishful thinking!
    we are going to use OPK for this month, i just need to wait for my period so i know when to start testing. its just so frustrating waiting!

    hubby wants me to test again on tuesday if my af still hasnt turned up, i know it will be a BFN again but ill have a go and keep my fingers crossed!

    good luck to you too honey, hope it happens for us soon xxxxx
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