Hi ladies,help please!!

hey chick have a look in the forum chat room rules,there all there xxxx


  • Hi Ladies.I am new to ttc although i have a ds and dd.This is the first time i been on here and done it all propley.I was wondering what all the abbreviations mean.So if there is any of you lovely ladies could fill me in.My last af was 1st july but that was coming of the pill i finish the pill on 27th june then bleed cam 1st so what i be now?as i see people put cd?am i right in thinking thats cycle day?x
  • yeah cd is cycle day image so cd1 would be the 1st july for you, so now ur cd12 image

    welcome by the way lol. weve been trying 6 months for our first, ive been on here the whole time lol. ooo the one thing i have never got is what dd and ds mean? oo and dh? do you know? lol xxxx
  • Mrs*me* ... ds - dear son. dd - dear daughter. dh - dear husband. (",) havent seen oo? oh is other half.xx
  • Hi thank you for that Mrs me. So excited i was trying officially with my ds and dd i was told to have a break from pill for ds and for dd i had been taking antibiotics and fil died so was forgetful with my pill.Still not bad happy accidents but this time its planned.When should i test or should it cd 28-30 as not sure when i would be due af.baby dust to you all.x
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