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Night time and nappies

Anyone gone nappyless at night?

Oakley is dry most nights and when there is wee im sure it's fresh.

However he is not so good with PT and poos....he never says 'I want a poo' only I want a wee - and not always producing anything on potty / toilet and it taking a few trips until he does. But what he does sometimes do is poo in his nappy at night (think it's the morning when he wakes rather than night) Or when we check on him at 10.30pm he has done it then and we change him. We have explained that if he needs potty he should call us because doing a poo in nappy isn't nice and he'll get a sore bottom. He understands this and can repeat it and tells us he won't do it ant more and he'll call for us ....but then doesn't!

Im thinking that if we ditch the nappy at night and explain to him that he needs to shout if he wants the potty he might get out of this bad habbit.....any thoughts ideas or your experiences ladies?


  • Wow that is super impressive that Oakley is dry most nights! Holly is no where near that stage in fact most of her night time nappys leak which is a pain! Do you lift him for the toilet when you go to bed? Sorry I dont have anything constructive to add but a huge well done to Oakley! xxx
  • We don't get him up for a wee but might consider it. I think where it is so hot he is weeing less and maybe as it gets past summer that might be something to consider.

    Yesterday for the first time ever he asked to do a poo I was amazed.... lots of praise so hopefully things are going in the right direction.

    I would still love to hear what others are doing at night and for nap time (if LO are still having these) :\)
  • We are nowhere near ready for nappyless nights as haven't even got the days sorted yet! It's really strange but zachariah seems to be the opposite to most of your Los as he'll do all his poos in the 'loo (never an accident) but ewes are very hit and miss. I think he got fed up recently though as he demanded nappies so we are not pushing it and will try again later
  • Don't worry too much at the minute, sooooo many children hate going for a poo on the potty/toilet!

    Our son used to do exactly the same as you decribe, he was dry all day but would only go for wee's on his potty, we knew as soon as he had his nappy on for bed, within 15 minutes he'd go for a poo in it and we'd have to get him up and change his nappy!
    It turned out he just didnt like doing a poo with anybody else around (lots of children disappear behind the sofa to fill their nappies etc!). So when we were getting him ready for bed, we would just say "off you go, do a poo in your potty and call mummy when you have finished", and he started doing it every time! He's still a bit like it now, wont go if anyone is watching!
    Good luck with it all, give lots of encouragement, he will get there xx
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