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Fertility Clinic Here We Come

Hi Girlies,

Well we are now on the fertility clinic journey. Hubby has had SA done and apparently results are above average:lol:
However, my 21 day blood tests have come back inconclusive - some I have ovulated some I have not. So here we go.
My doctor has refered us to the fertility clininc and thinks the next action plan is for a HCG. Not overly upset as these things happen - was kinda expecting it as my cycle is all over the place. Hopefully, they won't find anything as my sister has endemetriosis.
Anyway, as we are not telling many people we are ttc I thought I would see if any of you lovely ladies would like to join me on our journey of trying to have a baby. I thought you only had to do it once to get pregnant - at least that is what my parents always told me. Ha Ha Ha.


  • Hi Princess,
    Can i join you please? We are on the same journey as you, in fact we have our first appt at fertility clinic this Tues. Hubby has had SA done and came back normal, Ive had 21 day bloods done twice and they have come back fine but I have been diagnosed with a cyst which has grown over 3 months so looks like the first step for us may be laparoscopy to get that removed and check out my tubes!!! I have mixed feelings about the appt, partly nervous and partly excited.

    Do you know how long the waiting list is for your area?
  • Hi Lizzybuffe,

    Have no idea on waiting lists for my area. We are still waiting for the local doctors to send us referel forms - that is the most annoying thing.

    Good luck at your appointment - let me know how you get on, as I am sure you have limited people you can tell without all the questions to go with it.

  • Thanks Princess, will let you know how we get on after Tuesday. Hope you arent waiting too long x
  • Can I please join you?

    We went to our GP today and I have just had my 2nd day bloods and a thyroid test. Hubby is waiting for the pot to arrive for his SA.

    We have been referred to our fertility clinic and have an appointemnt next tuesday! Am in complete shock as wasn't expecting it so soon but obviously very very happy about it.

    It is so nice to find people going through the same thing x
  • Can I join you?

    Had my first appointment at fertility clinic today. Had an internal scan done which showed PCOS on left ovary however right ovary looks fine and appears to have recently ovulated which is good. Also had bloods taken which will look at my hormones to show if i am ovulating. If not they are going to give me clomid and if i am they are going to do a hcg. They also done a routine urine test to check for chlamydia whilst i was there. I've to go to the nurse at my docs to get another blood test done on day 1 or 2 of my next cycle, that;ll be interesting, its hard enough to get through to them never mind get same day appointment!

    Lizzybuffe how did you get on at your appointment?

  • lizzybuff - How did your appointment go today.

    I have phoned up doctors toay as it has been a week since we were told we had to go to the fertitlity clinic. She only told me it was being sent to the hospital today. How long?!?!?!?! It has already taken 6 months to have 4 lots of day 21 bloods taken so god knows how long it will take to get an actual appointment with the clinic.

    It looks like I could be in with a long ride, hopefully get my BFP before then even though I am on CD4 so that says something Ha Ha

    Welcome along though Mafia Princess and Lauraxxx, lets hope it won't be long before we get our BFP's Yey.

  • I have no idea what to expect. it seems to vary so much depending on where you live!x x
  • hi there everyone,
    may i also join your journey? i to have been referred to fertility clinic and bloods are being done at docs this month. Hubby was tested last year so doc said not to test him again.
    Would be great if those who get seen first could tell us what to expect when we get seen.

    Fingers crossed for everyone

    x x x
  • Hi there everyone,
    Appointment was ok but after reading some of your experiences I feel a bit cheated. We were kept waiting for 30 mins and then when we were eventually seen we were only in there 15 minutes!!! The paperwork you receive before had tells you to expect to be there at least an hour!!!
    The consultant asked us mostly the same questions that we had answered in the questionnaires we were given before attending and then wrote it all down again. She said that as I have an ovarian cyst on my left ovary and fluid on my right fallopian tube then the best course of action would be to have a laparoscopy to check the tubes and remove or drain the cyst. She had no idea how long the waiting list is for this but guessed at 3-5 months. (more waiting). She also put us on the waiting list for IVF and insemination as she is concerned that as I have had abdominal surgery in the past that my tubes may be damaged. Not sure what I feel at the moment, I was expecting more tests/an internal at the appt and almost feel that we were rushed out.
  • Princess1502, after our doc agreed to refer us it was 6 weeks before i got letter from fertility clinic inviting me to make an appoitment (thats how they do it in my area, you make appointment so you don't just not turn up to an unsuitable one), when i phoned to make appointment i had to wait another 4 weeks for actual date. Meant to say earlier hubby already had SA done last year and was all above average (lucky him).

    Lizzybuffe, have you had an internal scan done before to diagnose the cyst? If so maybe thats why they didnt do another one. It's good that they've put you on IVF list already though as its not definate that you'll need it (hopefully not).

    We spoke to the Sister first and she was really good but when the doc was doing the internal the Sister had to talk her through it and she had to ask Sister what next course of action would be!! I've been prescribed folic acid in a higher dose as im over weight, but i am working on that, 3 stone down 3 to go!!

  • Hi Ladies,

    Can i join you please? My GP agreed to refer me last week due to pcos but i have between a 4 - 6 month wait. Have got an appointment with endcrinelogist this week and i'm really hoping they will agree to prescribe metformin.

    Good luck everyone xx
  • lauraxxx well done on the weight loss. I am watching what i am eating. I am not alot over weight but being a bit lighter adds to our chance I suppose.

    Welcome tilly 28 and angelheart. i hope that this topic helps us all as at the end of the day we are all going through roughly the same thing.

    When I spoke to the doctors yesterday they said they will make us an appointment that we go to so hopefully that will cut out some of the waiting.

    Lizzybuffe - The fact you were in there for only 15 minutes could be a good thing as there obvioulsy was not alot of stuff to go through that could be a problem. i think I know how you feel though, we just want someone to tell us that everything will be ok and if not then have the decency to tell us and not add further waiting to the equation. I will keep my fingers crossed that your appointment comes through soon.

  • Can I join too! Me and my husband were referred before last Sept but then got preg unfortunately I had a mmc in Jan at 13 weeks. I have low progesterone and very irregular cycles and hubby has low sperm count and motility. Just been referred and cant wait to hear. xx
  • Hi All,
    Havent been on much luch couple of days as hubby has been away with the computer!!!
    Princess1502, I am hoping that the fact that were only in there 15 mins is a good sign, it was just too much info in too little time and I found the whole thing very overwhleming. I didnt have an internal to diagnose the cyst I had an ultrasound. I went to GP yest and she sat down an explained alot of it to me which helped loads. She's also sending me for another ultrasound and hubby for SA just to check whilst we are waiting.
    I find it quite unfair that the experience you have from waiting times through to the treatment you get varies so much according to where you live!!!
  • please can i tentatively join....I just posted a question about hubbys SA! Hoping once I have my bloods done in a few weeks we will be referred

  • Hi there, could I join too please?

    V xx
  • Hi Ladybird73, disneyprincess and Muffin34. Welcome to the family so to speak.
    I have had my letter through and have my first appointment on Friday 13th August - Friday the 13t AGGGGHHHHHHH. The day before our 1st wedding anniversary as well. Still at least the date is through.
    I hope you are all keeping well and not going to baby crazy.

  • Hi Girls,

    Thank you for having me. Well, hubby and I had been trying since November, (I know its not that long compared to some of you lovely ladies), but we are 36 and 38 so went to see the doc after 6 months. She sent us for day 21 bloods and and a SA. Bloods came back fine, SA came back with no sperm. We were referred to the clinic and was there within two weeks, which I realise is extremely lucky.

    Went to the clinic last Tuesday and the lovely nurse asked us lots of questions and also invited the embryologist in to chat with us. My cycles are good with progesterone at 69 and the other one at 3 (below 8 is great she said). She advised us that hubbys test took 2hrs 13 before it was tested so that could contribute towards the no sperm but not sure yet.

    Embryologist advised hub to wait 60 to re test, as he also had a chest infection and he said that could have a massive effect on his results. He also advised hub would do it at the clinic and they would test the results immediately by hand at the clinic. He also advised of the procedures if there was still no sperm, tese and pese (I think thats them), and the successes. He was very very nice.

    Sooooo, now we are just waiting for my next period so I can have more bloods done and the lap and dye test done.

    I apologise that the post is soooo long and thank you for having me.

    V xxx
  • Hi Ladtbird and disney princess and wecome! I am due my first appointment tomorrow and am so hoping I get a lap and dye booked in, what part of your cycle do they do them?

    Princess, my grandad was born on friday the 13th and he always swore blind it was the luckiest day so fingers crossed is for you too! x x

  • Hi Mafia

    They told me to ring on first day of af, they have to be sure that you are not pregnant and that you haven't had upsi prior to procedure. So I'll be having mine done around the beginning of next month.

    Princess, I agree with Mafiaprincess on the Friday the 13th thing too. It's just another day.

    Has anyone any help on how I can lose my 24 lb before October?

    Good luck for tomorrow Mafia, how are you feeling about your first appointment?

    V xxx
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