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6 weeks since AF, but negative test

Hi guys.

im driving myself a little crazy, so i thought i would see if anyone was in the same boat as me. my last AF was 6 weeks ago. i did a test after 5 weeks, then again after 6, but both were negative. i had been on the pill for a few months, but seemed to bleed for 2 weeks out of every 4, so i had the injection. i only had the injection one time, but do you think this could have affected my fertility? the jab ran out 4 weeks ago now.

whats going on???


  • I think maybe your body is settling back down in to its normal routine hun, I wouldn't worry too much, I had the jab...bloody horrible thing it was and after I came off it it took me a while to settle down again, maybe if AF hasn't appeared in a couple of weeks you could test again x
  • I would think its still your cycles working themselves out tbh.

    The injection really messed mine up (i didn't get on with it at all anyway so stopped after a year) it took a few months for them to settle down again. i remember feeling rubbish a lot of that time, i was getting almost constant af symptoms the whole time.

    I would keep bd'ing every few days and if af doesn't show up, do another test.

    Good luck xxx.
  • just a quick note to say thanks for your replies. AF turned up eventually - at least i know where i stand now
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