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Had my smear test


And i must say it was bloody uncomfortable! I feel like im on AF now, as ive got stomach cramps and got the slight bleeding.
God while she was doing it I was thinking in my head 'BLOODY HURRY UP' :lol: I was expecting it to be like the internal scan i had to check for PCOS but god no, it was even worse.
I feel so tired and my legs are like jelly!

Glad its only 3 years, and i hope my results come back ok. :\(



  • MPP, sorry to hear that the experience was not a graet not quick one for you. I had mine the other week and they day after AF showed up so I blamed my nurse, ha! I am sure your test results will be fine and like you say luckilly they are only every 3 years, although I have been having them every year recently but that is over now and back to every 3 years thankfully! xx
  • Like you say, at least it is done now!

    The first time I had one I got no results, had to have three in the end before getting the all clear. The second time there was even a student nurse in the room too, making the experience even better!

    Last time round it was altogether much better. The nurses are always so lovely at our surgery.

    Hope your results come back good and quick!

  • oo its awful isnt it! yukky! there must be another way! fingers crossed all is ok image xxxxxx
  • Cant believe you had to have 3 of them vass!

    Ive got a feeling ill have to go back, i saw my sample and it was pinky/red so guess there was quite abit of blood in it. She showed me the instrument they use to scrap it, im not surprised i bled.

  • Ohhhh nooo.

    You have put me off now. :lol: Sounds agonising.

  • Just wanted to mention that I got my letter back today and everything is normal, So glad thats over with. image Now i can get on with getting my BFP without the worry of that!

  • That's great news MPP. Glad you don't have to go back!

    Keri-Anne you've made a smear test sound like a walk in the park with that story! X
  • glad everything is fine, x
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