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Am i Late??..No period??

Hi Ladies...

Im can someone help me out..

my cycles are 28 days...

from tues June 15th was spotting pink...had more blood thurs/fri...and more sat onwards being 19th.June which was only for 1 day n half?....;\)when would my period should be this month?

Im having few symptoms (see old posts) ...did test last night negative?! i not due on yet?or late?

This TTC lark is sooo confusing period pain like i noramlly have?! xx thanks ladies!


  • Hey booey, I'm no expert, and totally confused most of the time too but I think af should be due around today from what you've said!

    Hope she stays away x
  • booey booey booey lol. ur body never fails to confuse me! hehe. hun, test with fmu, first thing in the morning with a sd or fr test. testing in the eveing u can do when ur further gone, but this early the hormone will be stronger first thing, do one 2moro morning?
  • lol..u made me laugh!...

    whats FMU?SD?....yeh tested in eve and nego, i didnt no that!..perhaps it maybe +?!?!?...oooo i really hope so! xx
  • hehe. fmu is first morning urine (has stronger preg hormone in it so ur more likely to get bfp with that) sd is superdrug, their early pg tests are really good image so it may be a bfp! its hard to tell but no af is a great sign! wooohoo! so test first thing 2moro xxxxxxx
  • woohoo! thanks so getting a SD test tonight!...will hold out till tomo am...ohhh its so exciting!...
    will keep u imformed when do one tomo...fingers crossed...i no i shouldnt have but did an OPK test this am!...and it cam up with a pink line...quite dark?does that mean anything?...or is it nothing? xxx
  • ps i just worked out ur cycle, counting cd1 as the thursda as thats when u had blood, and 28 days would of been yesterday, so im thiking ur a day late? thats great news! fingers crossed!
  • yeah!..thats what i though but wasnt sure???....
    i got sore boobs too. never get them when on period always week had headache for like 5 days every am...and weeing at 3.30am for like 5 days, mild cramps but normally im on 2 tablets every 4 hours lol ..hoping SMEP has worked then!..could this really be possible this time?!?! xx
  • maybe maybe image im excited for testing tomoro image how long have u been ttc? is this ur first time at smep? i still havent got + opk (cd19) so not really sure whats going on?? its our first monht of using opks. maybe i just missed it? xx
  • i been trying for 2 months now, so not long, first month on the SMEp though using OPKs etc, ...well my opks have been very strange had a darkish line for like over 2 weeks lol, yes not as dark as other, but still there?, it wasnt there to begin with when i first you have any lines on opk? xx
  • yeah i member lol. do have lines yeah, but faint ones, had a few medium kind of lines if that makes sense, but its only a + if as dark as the control line, so no + yet i dont think for me?
  • well am sure it will come./...prolly like me AF!...

    how long have u been trying TTC? u have any kiddies already yet? xx
  • i hope so (not ur af tho, or mine lol)

    we have been ttc 6 months, no kiddies, just us atm, im 21 u? xxxx
  • im 30 no children yet image ...trying my hardest! lol

  • hehe me tooooo! bubbas please!!!!!
  • What ever the outcome booey - hope its good news! x
  • me too chick image ready as i will ever be lol xx
  • i think im gonna waiti till sat for a gonna give it another day incase AF decides to show tomo image
    fingers crossed vxx
  • good idea! and good luck! remember with fmu image xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi again booey, I might join you on sat and do a sd test. This waiting game is k-i-l-l-i-n-g me! I've just scoffed two choc muffins so I really think AF will come as I always crave chocolate when Im due on image

  • thanks chick! . Will try it tomorrow am. X congratulation to you again x Im so pleased for you sweeti x hey Mooker. . How addictive is this site lol. . X
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