Best 1st Birthday Pressie?

I've got both my 2 nephews and also my sons 1st birthdays coming up in the next 2 months so wondered if you could all tell me what the best present was, either most useful for Mummy or favourite toy for little one?! Just so I can get an idea of what to get!




  • LO isnt one yet but we have already decided he will be getting one of those baby trikes with the adult push handle, it changes as they get older to a toddler trike image hubby is looking forward to pushing it!
  • Snap pp, we are going to get the smart trike for Sasha.
  • We got our dd a smart trike for her first birthday but to be honest - she wasn't really interested! It may have been because one of her aunts & uncles bought her a 'Scuttle Bug' which she could get on and off herself and even now at almost 3 years old she still loves it long after the trike and virtually every other toy has gone!!|category_root|Toys+and+games|14417629/c_2/3|15701456|Bikes,+ride-ons,+trikes+and+scooters|14417767/c_3/4|cat_14417767|Ride-ons|14417774.htm?_$ja=tsid:11527|ccimageprd:3950171|cat:toys+%26+games+%3E+bikes%2C+ride-ons%2C+trikes+and+scooters+%3E+ride-ons
  • We are getting married abroad 3 weeks after little ones 1st bday so we are getting him a trunki

    and some books and clothes
  • we are going to be getting our lo a smart trike, an activity cube and clothes/books image we were also thinking of a fish tank and fish image

    my mum and dad have already bought her a wooden walker filled with blocks and a slide for their garden, so she can play out there in the summer (plus clothes). We will ask people for mothercare and next vouchers because otherwise we will get what we did when she was born - piles and piles of teddies and lots of clothes we don't like image xxx
  • I 2 have got him a smart trike ready for his birthday looking for something mum and dad can buy him as well.

  • as soon as i saw the title, before reading the replies, my response was going to be "trike"!
    he also loves his mega blocks and slide.
    he had lots of outdoor things to play with which have been fab so far, and he has a ride on to play with indoors which he seems to like as well. but the trike has been wonderful! xx
  • my LO is only 6 months but i've bought the zebra toy too. i think i will like making the music go more than her tbh lol

    i'd say anything messy, noisey, or that helps them be independant, that kind of present was always a hit with any kid i knew growing up! lol
  • Umm, what is the zebra???
  • Its the bounce and spin zebra. We bought my lo one for xmas when he was 11 months. He started using it from about 15months or so. He doesnt use it alot but will go on it have a quick bounce then get off again so it hasnt had as much use as the jumeroo but Im glad I bought him it. My lo also got a trike for xmas and he loves it,. we got the smart trike which I actually find pretty flimsey. The steering is hard to use as a result I havent taken him far in it. Not even to the local supermarket which is 10min walk away...

    We also got my ds a ELC garage thing which now at 17mnths he is starting to play with. He is also now into jigsaw puzzles and cars etc things that he can push along the floor.

    He also has a tent which he hides in, think it was ??10 or something from argos and he has used this alot. Loves peaking out the side.

    I really wanted to get him a wheely bug and did but he has barely even looked at it!! What a waste of money. It is now upstairs.

    Jack in the box is also quite a favorite,

    God it sounds like my ds has heaps of toys but honestly he doesnt !!! image
    Heres a link to bounce and spin zebra,|category_root|Nursery|14417537/c_2/3|cat_15701330|Baby+toys|14417556.htm?_$ja=tsid:11527|cc:|prd:3473603|cat:nursery+>+baby+toys+>+baby+walkers+and+ride-ons
  • Thanks for the replies so far ladies! Think i'm going to go with the trike for my LO but not sure about the nephews as have already bought the "needed" items as requested by their mums, sleeping bags etc so havent as much to spend on them!!
    Any other ideas for me!?

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