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My baby is tongue tied



  • Hi my ds1 has a tongue tie and he never had any problems feeding and has had no speech problems and he is 2 and we ahve just had his development check and the hv was very impressed with his speech and you would never know he had it, it has got slightly better with age but not completely. We were never offered a choice when he was born it was me that noticed it and took him to gp and he said that they wouldnt do anything about it until he was older as they wanted to see if it caused any problems, which it hasnt.
    vikki xx
  • this post was written ages ago ..where do these posts pop up from :?? xx
  • Hi my son was tongue tie and i just took him along to a clininc that snipped it and then i had to put him straight to the breast. It was a no questions asked sort of thing and i just phoned and turned up at the hospital the next day. Maybe it depends on your area but instead of going to your doctor trying ringing your local maternity ward. x
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