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Why do other people always do it better? lol

Drives me nuts!!

Last night OH bathed lo and put her to bed while I nipped to the chippy (diet going well lol) - and "she didn't cry when getting out the bath" "she went to sleep straight away for me" grrrrrrrr lol. When she stayed at my mum's it was the first night she skipped her 1am feed too so I didn't hear the end of that either!!!

I did snap at OH a little bit that I do my best and I think he felt bad then - he was only telling me how it had gone, it's not his fault she was an angel for him! lol.

Of course when other people get it right they then tell me what I should be doing - and yes ok sometimes the advice is great and works but that's not the point!! lol

Little madam lol


  • i know how u feel chick. my hubby likes to point out that he can be more patient with Isobel than me when she's upset. I personally think its easy to be more patient when ur not the main caregiver 22 hours out of every day but i hold my tongue lol. x
  • Lol not just me then! xx
  • I swear EVERY time we see my mum all she does is pick up Ryan and he burps, he can have fed hours ago, he's not windy and never bothered by it but I feel awful that it's just sitting there waiting to come up every bloody time!
  • oh my goodness kayssis, i have the EXACT same thing with Izzy and my mum and i always feel guilty like she thinks i dont wind her properly or something! x
  • Lol kaysis!! Can I bring my lo round to your mum's!! lolimage x
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