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Time on my hands!

You probably noticed I got time on my hands today the boys have gone to my mums tonight dave and I are just chilling and then later we're going out. It's our towns fair week this week and there's a band playi v on the town square and they re a pretty good cover band I think so it ll be great to get out. It ll be lots of people out too so it ll be great to catch up with everyone. Wish I could say I got a peaceful day tomorrow though I've got another job so I'm making the most of putting my feet up! I ve done training induction and first full day tomorrow I m on checkouts local store so hoping it goes ok !


  • I used to work on the checkouts at Tesco and loved it ha ha, hope it goes ok.
    Enjoy your child free evening. I've not stopped all day and am shattered. Finally put my feet up just ordered takeaway for tea and time to relax lol
  • Enjoy your night out and I hope your first day goes ok tomorrow! Let us know how you get on xxx
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