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something not right???

me again!...

right was day late for AF...got it for like day n half type thing. started sat till sunday ...normally 4 days or so...nothing major...had bad cramps though...today pretty much zilch....but have pains in my ovarys though...??? like dull aches...like something still happening in there?..surly if its over its over...

has anyone else had this? xx


  • confused.... again lol. maybe this was implantation?......(again?) lol. im sooo confused! poor booey xxxxx
  • awh hun, im confused for u image
    fc that its implantation?! and u ov later that u thought?
  • hmm, confusion!! Do another preg test just in case? Ooh, i'm so excited this may mean BFP booey.....?
  • Ooh no clues but fingers crossed for you booey!! image x
  • yes poor me lol?! . . This is second month my period been for day and half. . So think might take trip to Dr as am having twinges in my ovary areas. . Could be a cyst Or somethin as had something similar before. . Oh i no how to make things difficult hey! X ha ha
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