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Here we go again....

Hey ladies,
posted a few weeks ago to say me and OH were going to start TTC again once we got bk from holiday. Its been a while since the MC and we now feel VERY ready to start trying again. Anyhoo we are back from holiday and I took my last pill last night so should be CD1 on Saturday. It feels great to be back on here and know we are going to be back at it again soon lol.
I have PCOS and have very irregular periods so under doctors advice I have been on the pill for the last 6 months in the hope that it would help my cycles so im keeping my fingers crossed that my cycles will stay ok once pill is out of my system.

Cant wait to get to know everyone again.

Any chance of a few introductions?

Im 24, OH is 26 we have been TTC for just over 2 years. We had a couple of months worth of clomid and fell PG last year but unfortunatly I MC in Feb 09. I have PCOS so I have irregular cycles.



  • Hi Hun,

    Welcome back..... I'm 26 - soon to be 27 and my OH is 28 soon to be 29. I came off the pill at the end of March after 11 years on it, I fell pg straight away but sadly had a mc at 6+3, I'm on CD3 after waiting for 68 days for my first af after mc, but with the help of norethiserone I now am happy to say I have a period - wohoo!!

    Good luck with all the TTC - I really didnt realise all of this stuff happened in the background, I was very naive!!xxx
  • Hi Sweetie123,

    Welcome back! Hopefully most of us won't be here too long before we move into the DI forums!!

    Intros are a great idea... I'm 28 and DH is 29, been married almost 2 years now, started ttc in Oct 09 and got BFP on valentines day this year but sadly ended in MMC @ 14wks in April. Had 2 AFs since the MMC and hoping not to get another but fear AF is on her way and arriving this weekend, if so, have a CBFM I can't wait to use so hopefully next month will be the one for us!!

    Loads of luck and babydust! xx
  • Mrs Ad, i know I always just assumed id fall PG when I wanted and never imagined struggling so much, we now look at it and just think all this will just make us appreciate our baby even more when we finally get there!! So Sorry to hear of your MC x

    Amber, Yes I always like introductions, its nice to get an understanding of where abouts everybody is in their journey. Fingers crossed for you that you dnt get another AF : ) I really wish I could use a CBFM but due to PCOS my cycles are too long to use one. I once went for over 120 days with nothing and then I had another cycle when I bled for over 5 months, so depressing!!

    Loads of luck and baby dust to both of you

  • Hi
    i'm Shelley 27 my hubby is 35....
    I had my first pregnancy in March, followed by my first MC in May. this is my first month of ttc as only just got first AF two weeks ago after my ERPC.
    Have been BDing for the last week as on cycle day 17 today.......
    Be nice to get to know you...Sending you loyts of sticky baby dust
  • Hi
    I'm 28 and DH 29. We have been ttc since Jan and suffered MC at the beginning of this month at 11 weeks. Don't know when to expect AF this month but want to start ttc again ASAP.
    Sending out lots of baby dust to all! image
  • Hi Ladies,
    I'm new, so this is a great topic for me. I'm 28 and DH is 44. I have a beautiful baby girl 13 months, but sadly suffered early MC at 5 1/2 weeks early this month. Was big shock at the time, very naive to think everything would go smoothly. We're starting ttc now so have fingers and toes crossed, and trying not to get my hopes up, but very hard!
    This site has been my saviour (am a secret lurker).
    Good luck to everyone, and lots of sticky baby dust!!!
  • Hi All
    I'm a newbie too, amazed at how similar your stories are to mine. I'm (just!) 27 and DH is 31. Stopped taking the pill in may and got pregnant straight away in June only to mc at 5+2 (ish).

    We've been BDing this month but i have no idea when to expect OV or AF so just going a bit crazy with all this waiting.

    I had no idea TTC would be this stressful, and i'm only 2 months in, but this site has kept me sane.

    Baby dust to all!!
  • Hi ladies

    I'm 27 and OH 26 we have a gorgeous 18 month old girl.

    I came off the pill in May and fell in the first month of trying but sadly M/C at 6 weeks.

    We are trying again straight away which I know some people say not to but I so want to be pregnant again. I have OV since M/C and we have BD quite a few times so fingers crossed but I am trying not to get my hopes up and better luck next month if not image
    Baby Dust to all xx

    Gem xx

  • sorry, meant to say without protection!
  • hi everyone, I'm steph 27 and my hubby is also 27. Both to be 28 soon.
    I never wanted children - ever! Then i fell pg in feb and at first i was very shocked and not sure what to do but after a few days i had the most unbelievable love for the baby inside. Sadly i mc'd in march at 9 weeks and had d&c in april.
    I then fell pg straight away and mc's that one in may at 5 weeks.
    I've had 2 AF's since then but they've been very weird, nothing compared to what i used to have and i used bleed very heavily.
    I was hoping this month would be it but sadly not.
    Like you've all said, when i was younger i just thought you "do" it, get pregnant (the old scare tatics of do it once with protection and that's it!) have a baby and everything is fine. How naive image
  • Hi all too many replies to reply one at a time lol. Its lovely to meet you all and I look forward to getting to know u all, hopefully not for too long tho eh hehe.

  • hello everyone, im the ripe old age of 40, OH is 41. between us we have 4 kids, between 11 and 15 (from prev marriages) . We never thought we would have one of our own, but threw caution to the wind in May after 10 yrs on pill, and fell pg that month. Sadly MC at 9 wks in July and whole family were devistated. Have been quietly ttc since bleeding stopped, but absolutely terrified of going through another MC. Worst exp of my life. We have said we will give it a year and then accept that it wasnt meant to be. I am getting on a bit now. Fingers crossed for us all and its lovely to meet you xxx
  • Ola, lovely to meet all of you but sorry its under such circumstances. I am 32 (33 next week) and hubby is 33. Had a mc end of Feb at 10 weeks - had been trying for over a year. Didn't stop bleeding for around 3 months so haven't been able to try for a while. Am due my next period next week so am hoping ttc after that.

    Am keeping everything crossed that we all have happy stories to tell soon. xxxxxx
  • Hey
    Im 20 and my partner in 21 im VERY new to this site!
    I fell pregnant while on the implant in may....i miscarried last thursday....i was 10 weeks along! Im now desperate for a baby how crazy it seems but im just trying to get over the first one and persuade my OH to try again soon xxx
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