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new to site :) 2 year old and the dreaded dummy

Hi all, im new to this site, was browsing as me and my husband are trying for our 2nd baby.

Could do with some advice on my 2 year old boy though. Ive been trying to get rid of dummy for a few weeks now and failing miserably. He doesnt have it during the day just a bed time but trying to get it away from him is proving very difficult. He will get himself so worked up and i get stressed that i end up giving in and giving it back to him. Anyone got any tips on how to maybe make it a bit easier on him and me.

Thanks Jo x image


  • Hiya,
    The dummy fairy visited our house too! DS was a little older at 2 and a half but we did exactly the same thing as kef. Explained that big boys don't need dummies but babies do, collected all the dummies together and left them next to the fireplace. The fairy brought him a couple of new cars, a trip to the aquarium and a nemo fish (obsessed with Finding Nemo at the time!) We need to tackle the same thing with DD now, she loves her dummy so not looking forward to that one!! Going to wait til we're back from hols though!
    Good luck
  • thank u image will give it a go tonight x
  • how did it go?? did you manage to get rid of the dummies? my sister in law could get her little girl to give hers up no matter what, so when they got a dog, she told her the dog ate them! she cried the first night, but then that was that.
  • its gone image im so chuffed. the first night he fell asleep on my hubbie without it so we just didnt bother giving it to him when he was put to bed, after that he didnt kick up any fuss with not having it. he asks for it now and then but doesnt kick up a fuss. such a relief image x
  • I'm determined to try this when lo turns 2 in October.

    He only has it in bed and occassionally when in pram and fussing. Actually most used when in supermarket as he hates it !

    Good for you, glad it went well.

  • the dummy fairy didn't work for us for some reason but what did was peer pressure!!
    Shea started to notice a few of his friends didn't have dummies and asking why, and then he asked if his favourite 11year old cousin had one and we said no as he was a big boy and big boys don't have dummies. Next thing he threw his dummies in the bin and has never had them since!
  • congrats jojo!
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