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no chance of being preg after using durex lube?

hi ladies,

we are not actually ttc at the moment, but we did have unprotected sex the day before i ov'ed, we used durex lube so does that mean its pretty much 0 chance of concieving? i know pre seed is sperm friendly as we used it when ttc the first time. what are the chances of falling preg while using a regular lube not a sperm friendly one? has this happened to anyone?

ashy xx


  • i suppose it is possible, lube can kill the swimmers but it does only take one of them, however its probably a small possibility as its not easy to get pregnant, do you know when your due on?
  • im due on 31st, i know i ov the day after we had unprotected...we are not even trying and already im getting stressed and wanting a bfp!

    ashy x
  • hehe loin the club, i am also due then and probably testing a few days before hehe

    good luck x
  • hehe good luck to you too!!!! hope your lo is well?

    ashy x
  • oh he has mastered rolling on to his front then crying, i have been up to turn him back over so many times :roll:

    how about your LO?
  • oh bless him, my lo did the same, wont be long until he can roll himself back over! mine has just mastered pulling himself to standing, so now cant leave him for a second, as he just lets go when he gets bored! i have to be there to catch him! the fun begins now!

    ashy x
  • hehe little monkeys x
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